Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - Her hair, Jordyn's toot!

Her hair drives me crazy, but it sure is beautiful, and she is finally sitting still long enough for me experiment with it. Found a few youtube videos with hair braiding tutorials :)
And when I came across Jordyn's blog showcasing her homemade crafty hair clips, I went right over to her Etsy store and ordered a few. This week Jordyn is giving a pretty big blue clip away! If you're interested, hop right over to her page!

intangible goodness

Toot Your Horn Tuesday Participants
1. Gardenia Clip/Pin
2. state love DIY
3. Peep Pops
4. Dorian
5. Perfect Purse for Momma
6. S'more Peeps
7. Peep-oration
8. Peep Krispie Treats
9. A Stencil to Financial Freedom
10. Handpainted Scooby Doo Glasses
11. Coastal Sitting Room
12. BYU Brownies - Easter'd Up
13. Easter Egg Hunt Party
14. I learned to use a pattern
15. Creative Mind
16. Spring Muffin Tin Meal and GIVEAWAY!!
17. Hanging Wood Blinds
18. Fishtail Cottage
19. Little Girl's Purse
20. Faux hydrangeas
21. Little Brother Onesie
22. Interchangeable Rosette
23. Cat@BudgetBlonde.com
24. ashley
25. Recycled Crayons *NEW*
26. Headbands with NO hot glue
27. Baby Wipes Little Homemakers Project
28. Mom Starting From Scratch
29. Bubble and Squeak
30. Easter Basket
32. Crepe Paper Easter Carrot
33. Jen
34. Spring Flowers
35. Bar stool revamp
36. Rita @ TesoroFino.com
37. A New Woodland Friend
38. Simple Pleasures
39. Homemade Chocolate Eggs!!!
40. Three Mango Seeds
41. Silk Dying Eggs
42. Cupcake Dishtowel Giveaway!
43. Rustic Side Table
44. Barbie Sock Dress
45. ChariT's Inspirational Creations
46. Free Easter Cupcake Printable
47. Carnation Fabric Flower Ball
48. ChocoMocha Chess Pie
49. DIY Edible Arrangement
50. Laundry Room Makeover
51. Finally Finished Headboard!
52. loreen
53. Lyanna
54. Humongo Chalkboard
55. Chocolate Coconut Banana Smoothie
56. New Archway Paint
57. Spencer
58. Strawberry Coffee Cake
59. Geisha Fan Apron
60. Easy Ribbon Headband Tutorial
61. Simply Orange Repurpose
62. Easter Dress
63. Some Bunny Loves You
64. Babushka Babies
65. Easter Couture
66. Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!
67. Tennessee Purple Iris
68. Chocolate Covered Oreos

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