Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to school tradition

For the past 8 years, our family has had a back to school tradition. We pick a day, usually during the Labor Day weekend, to get up at 4:30 in the morning, drive to the ocean front and watch the sun rise. Most people that I explain this to think we are completely bonkers. I think that actually they are jealous of our craziness. It seems that so many people now-a-days get caught in a rut of unimaginative laziness. OK, most of the year, I fit into that prototype too. I owe my spurts of spontaneity to my Mother. I grew up with a Mom who allowed sleeping on our roof and having indoor banana wars. I remember her visiting me at school once with our pet snake in her purse. Now that's crazy and that's how I want my children to grow up. (Although, I won't be handling any snakes!) What's more important? Making memories with my kids or a few extra hours of sleep?!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

39 years ago...

I was born! Damn, that seems like a long time. Not compared to 50 or 75, but what the heck. I've never been older than this so it's feeling kind of OLD.

It's 4:45 am. I got up extra early to write this post. I figured, if you are reading this today, 8/28, then you still have time to shop for a birthday present, or come by and see me, call me or at least send me some schmaltzy Internet card. Actually, I'm up this early because in a few minutes I have to drive Cole to church for his last fling of the summer. He's going to a camp called Snowbird for some fun, crazy, outdoor adventures. Once again, I'm staying home. No far away travels for this old gal!

Next topic, remember the other day I was complaining that nothing exciting has happened around here since the Great Horned Owl? Well... I spoke too soon.

This week, Cole and I witnessed an attempted break-in at my next door neighbor's house! Yes people! My safe little haven. Our cozy little neighborhood. Nothing like this has ever happened on my block! I won't go into the details, but it all started while Cole was waiting for a friend to pick him up. This was at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, broad daylight. He had been watching out the window, when he noticed a suspicious car back into our neighbor's drive way. 3 young men in the car. He woke me from a little nap that Glynis and I were having on the sofa. We both watched the vehicle speed off after 2 of the young men came from around the back of the house. Immediately I called my neighbor, who was at work, to inquire if they knew these guys. Bottom line...This was for real. The police were called and took a report. Apparently the assailants (whoa, I got to use the word "assailants!") tried to pry open their back door and a window. Lucky for everyone they did not succeed. The unlucky part is that neither Cole or I could get the license plate number on the car, although we tried.

Here's what we learned from the friendly officer who took the report: Let's all be a little more aware of our safety. Keep your doors locked. Check around your house. Exchange phone numbers with your neighbors and watch out for each other. Get an alarm or at least a sign that says you have one. If you see something suspicious, call the police!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Far Away

I have absolutely nothing exciting to write about. Haven't in weeks. No more giant birds. My last days of summer are creeping by. Sure, I've had some fun. I've been to the pool, to the movies, the zoo, the beach and other local attractions. No far away vacation for me though. In fact, I haven't been far away in years!

I think that my 3 sons are having opposing feelings about school starting. They've really had a super busy summer. They've all been to camp (far away, those lucky dogs!) Cole went to Bluefield, Virginia. He painted a roof and sang in a band. Carson went to Philadelphia! He ran up the steps from "Rocky" and he did construction work in a run down neighborhood. As I write this, Chandler is in the mountains, hiking up a trail.

So, summer was a hoot for them, but like a few other kids, they are actually looking forward to school. I spent a total of $728.oo on school supplies and clothes and shoes!! Can you believe that? I'm actually feeling very accomplished in having bought so much for 3 kids at such a reasonable amount. I asked at Target if I was eligible for the "most money spent on school supplies" award. The prize was a lavish 7 day vacation for 1 at a far away resort. Anyway, I didn't win. The winner of the prize was a rich mother of 1 who spent $938.oo on her spoiled rotten daughter. I think that's cheating!!

Ok, so I'm made up that story. What else am I suppose to write about? My kids are the ones who have real lives. I just drive them around and spend money on them. Maybe I'll live a little once school starts and I have a few free hours during day. I'll make sure that Glynis and I find some exciting things to do. (Call me and we'll do lunch!!)

I know what you really want to hear...How about that baby of mine? This past week she sat on the floor and pulled out an entire box of tissues! It was the most fun she's ever had. I've decided to buy all of my friends' babies a box of tissues for Christmas. It's sure to be the new rage this year and I'll be so happy that I got my shopping done before all the tissues in the world sold out just like the Wii system last year. No standing in all night lines for me!

Glynis also found a kitchen cabinet to play in. She, once again, pulled everything out. Why do babies like to pull things out of everything? How about the laundry basket? She can't be in the same room with one without emptying it. Of course, these are those mommy moments that bring a tear to my eye and make me smile. I hope that I'm able to look back on them 12 years from now when roles reverse and I'm the one pulling out something...My Hair!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Saturday night , August 16th, both McCain and Obama will be at Rick Warren's church, Saddleback Church in California, to answer questions only on the topic of their faith. This faith forum will be moderated by Pastor Rick Warren.

As you probably know, Rick Warren is the pastor of Saddleback Church and the best-selling author of The Purpose Driven Life book.

The faith forum will be televised on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Not on my husband, but only 2 days into my diet,
I got stressed and ate a Little Debbie Snack.
The good part is that I'm being honest about it. Right? At least give me credit for not hiding it. :)

Isn't she irresistible?

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Yipee~Leah Diet

Here I go again. I'm starting a diet. Most of the diets that I have been on in my life were designed totally by me with exception of trying out Atkins. Atkins worked wonderfully until I got to the ketosis stage. Ketosis (pronounced /kiːˈtoʊsɪs/) is a state in metabolism occurring when the liver excessively converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies which can be used by the body for energy. When this happens, your stomach totally turns on you so you must be prepared to be near a bathroom at all times. BUT, I lost weight. I looked good and felt pretty energetic. My husband and I did the Atkins diet together which was helpful and fun. Bottom line though = we both put the weight back on. There's just no way to eat that way long term!
Ok, so as you know I had a baby. One year ago! I'm still about 10 lbs overweight and on my short stature, 10 lbs feels like a ton.
Here's what I'll be doing for the next few weeks. I've stocked up on Lean Cuisine meals (on sale at Food Lion this week.) I will be eating cereal for breakfast, Lean Cuisine for lunch and then a very small portion dinner (meat and veggies.) I will snack only on pretzels and fresh fruit or raw veggies. The main goal is cutting calories and putting absolutely no sugary snacks in my mouth. The sugar is my biggest obstacle. I love ice cream!!!!
My starting weight is 131lbs. Notice I haven't mentioned exercise. This is also an obstacle for me. So for now, I will at least try to not be sedentary. I don't like walking (too humid and hot) When I start doing aerobics in the house the whole house starts to shake and I'm afraid it will fall down. :) Going to the gym isn't easy w/ the baby. That's all my lame excuses. Don't hassle me!
I'll keep posting my progress.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

what the heck?

Ok, I was surfing the web and found this video. Please be advised that it is about breastfeeding so you will see a little "booby."
I am very sad that I was unable to make breastfeeding work with my babies. I think it is a natural, healthy and supports the mother/baby bond. But that's just it. It is for babies!! This video is obviously not from the United States. Is this legal?!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I had a conversation with my father a bit ago on the phone. It has been on my mind for the last couple hours. I love my Dad. We don't have a perfect relationship and I wish I could share about it with everyone, but that's not a good idea. So Hey! I'll just write generally about Fathers...

Definition of Father - Male parent of an offspring.

Most people have just one Dad, maybe get married and have a Father-in-Law. Or maybe your parents divorced when you were little and remarried and you got a fancy Step-Dad. Wohoo. (Blogging doesn't allow for facial expressions, darn it)

Does this sound like a Seasame Street lesson? Sorry.

To me, a Dad should be your biggest fan and supporter. Someone you can look up to. An authority figure. A mentor and a good role model. That is a tall order to fill for any human. Luckily we have someone supernatural to fill those shoes every day.... He is our Eternal Father. He makes up for all the imperfect worldly fathers in our lives.

*If you have time, send me a quick email and tell me in a few words about your Dad/Step-Dad/Father-in-law. It'd be cool to post a few of your responses.*

Here's something about my Father-in-Law. He just spent 10 days w/ us. He's from the other side of the country. Bob---Fuuunnnyyy! A Big Teddy Bear. Devoted to his children and grandchildren. Easy to please, Easy going, Easy to love.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wildlife Rescue

So, I've been away from my computer having much fun and many adventures....Here's the latest adventure.

Our owl came back today.
Watch the story revealed in this short video.