Saturday, August 23, 2008

Far Away

I have absolutely nothing exciting to write about. Haven't in weeks. No more giant birds. My last days of summer are creeping by. Sure, I've had some fun. I've been to the pool, to the movies, the zoo, the beach and other local attractions. No far away vacation for me though. In fact, I haven't been far away in years!

I think that my 3 sons are having opposing feelings about school starting. They've really had a super busy summer. They've all been to camp (far away, those lucky dogs!) Cole went to Bluefield, Virginia. He painted a roof and sang in a band. Carson went to Philadelphia! He ran up the steps from "Rocky" and he did construction work in a run down neighborhood. As I write this, Chandler is in the mountains, hiking up a trail.

So, summer was a hoot for them, but like a few other kids, they are actually looking forward to school. I spent a total of $728.oo on school supplies and clothes and shoes!! Can you believe that? I'm actually feeling very accomplished in having bought so much for 3 kids at such a reasonable amount. I asked at Target if I was eligible for the "most money spent on school supplies" award. The prize was a lavish 7 day vacation for 1 at a far away resort. Anyway, I didn't win. The winner of the prize was a rich mother of 1 who spent $938.oo on her spoiled rotten daughter. I think that's cheating!!

Ok, so I'm made up that story. What else am I suppose to write about? My kids are the ones who have real lives. I just drive them around and spend money on them. Maybe I'll live a little once school starts and I have a few free hours during day. I'll make sure that Glynis and I find some exciting things to do. (Call me and we'll do lunch!!)

I know what you really want to hear...How about that baby of mine? This past week she sat on the floor and pulled out an entire box of tissues! It was the most fun she's ever had. I've decided to buy all of my friends' babies a box of tissues for Christmas. It's sure to be the new rage this year and I'll be so happy that I got my shopping done before all the tissues in the world sold out just like the Wii system last year. No standing in all night lines for me!

Glynis also found a kitchen cabinet to play in. She, once again, pulled everything out. Why do babies like to pull things out of everything? How about the laundry basket? She can't be in the same room with one without emptying it. Of course, these are those mommy moments that bring a tear to my eye and make me smile. I hope that I'm able to look back on them 12 years from now when roles reverse and I'm the one pulling out something...My Hair!!

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