Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - Invisible works make Christ visible to the world

If you're wondering what this is all about,
check out the rules on the left side of the page!

Feeling invisible? Sometimes we feel a little unappreciated. We wonder, "Why am I the only one who volunteers?" How about, "I'm sick of picking up after everyone!"

I'm not going to Toot any horns today. I'm taking a moment to share what it means to be a servant-minded believer and a mother. It really means that we are to give preference to others.

So many times, I need to remind myself of God's true desire for my life. Especially at those moments when I'm feeling unappreciated. Moms often don't get the credit we deserve. We're not handed a paycheck twice a month, we don't get promoted for our hard work. But, God sees what others do not see and HE will reward us for those works.

It says so right here in Matthew 6

1"Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

2"So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. 3But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

I hope you'll play along today! Sign Mister Linky!

I'm anxious to see how wonderfully God has blessed you!

Toot Your Horn Tuesday Participants
1. Window Wall Art @ lemon tree creations
2. Fun Jute n' Shell Napkin Rings...Jane @ Finding Fabulous
3. FREE Finds from Freecycle!
4. Cupboard@Impatientlyprayingforpatience
5. DIY Headboard @ Made By Stephie
6. Musical Lampshade@ A Full Cottage
7. Refinishing an Heirloom
8. Monogrammed coasters
9. Emily {FrillyDetails}
10. $40 Gift Card Giveaway!!
11. oreo cheesecake
12. My Bathroom Remodel
13. Saving $ & LL (How to Save Money for & on Vacation plus my vaca pics)
14. Lampshade Re-do
15. CHICKEN ROLLATINI -a little bit of everything
16. Number plaque!!! Pretty.
17. Scrapbooking gift
18. Flower Hair Clippies @ Crafty Crafts
20. Lesson and Activity Bags
21. The dolls take charge!
22. Choc. Raspberry Cupcakes!
23. DIY chunky framed mirror
24. burlap and ruffles...@ raggygirlvintage
25. Yoli ~ Apron Senorita
26. Custom bulletin board is UP!!!
27. Plate Mural @ Meet Virginia!!
28. Back in time, bench
29. Furniture stripper how to
30. Ribbon Rosette Earring
31. Easy Summer Dress TUTORIAL!!!
32. Bakerella for a Day!!!
33. Nice Legs Bench Transformation
34. Market Bag I made for You!
35. Lovely Home in Argentina @ Inspiring Interiors.
36. Red Heads Craft More Fun (Spring Birdie)
37. The White Farmhouse-Finally Getting The Girl's Room Done!
38. How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet
39. All Things Heart and Home~Oatmeal Dolce de Leche-Chocolate-Marshmallow Cookies!
40. Charm of the Carolines
41. My Blessings
42. stud muffin idea-CUTE!
43. Clean Mama -2 Painted Chairs
44. Boy Baby Shower Ideas!
45. Keepsake for Mother's Day
46. Laura@White Spray Paint
47. DIY Tutu
48. Lets Jump on the bed
49. Itty Bitty Chair Makeover
50. Guest Nook & a Giveaway at YG!
51. TP Gift Boxes
52. Ruffle me up T refashion
53. Bead Board Photo Frame
54. Spring Decor
55. Build a Floor Mirror, Fast and Cheap! @ Remodelaholic
56. PotholesandPantyhose-Vintage Stereo Cabinet REDO
57. Mothers Day Ideas
58. Just Because Card
59. spiderman gift boxes
60. car roll up
61. Baby Girl Name Painting
62. Amoire Redo
63. HE can use you at the fried chicken counter!
64. Tea for Two
65. Ribbon Pearl Bracelet
66. Fabric flower tutorial
67. Adult Shorts to Toddler Capri's
68. Apron Giveaway!
69. $3 Skirt!
70. dresser turned entry table @ {show & tell}
71. Dr. Seuss birthday party, food and decorations!
72. Apron Under An Hour
73. Rockin' Deals
74. Candlestick Makeover @ Looking Glass Jewels
75. Man Cave Makeover
76. Tip: Hang on to Receipts!
77. $75 Giveaway!
79. A Sign of the Times
80. Condo Blues - Prince of Wails Onsie
81. Chocolate Cake
82. HowToOrgBlogPartyButtons
83. FunkyDenimTasselsTutorial
84. nell ann
85. Tutorial: Watercolor Art Cards @ Skooks' Playground
86. My Pop Art Pillows
87. Tanya @ Little Life Improvements (Treasure the Moments...)
88. Organize your DVD's
89. Travelin' Shroom
90. Homemade Card/ Jewelry
91. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life
92. SomethingAboutKatie
93. A New Beginning
94. Yours, Mine & Ours* (contact paper decals)
95. terra cotta pot week
96. *picture window*
97. Stuck on tiles
98. Vintage Chairs
99. Button Earrings and a GIVEAWAY @ GET CRAFTIN
100. Tara @ Feels Like Home (how to build a raised garden)
101. moss rocks to the rescue
102. J.Crew Molly Hanna Necklace
103. Eric Carle growth chart
104. Baseball Quilt
105. Easy Chicken Enchiladas {Frilly Details}
106. Photo on the Ceiling?
107. Framed Monogram
108. FAb Slippers
109. Make a Dog Bed for Free
110. Kristi @ A2D (Hand Painted Family Name Sign)
111. personalized ribbon
112. More Than A Mom
113. Charm of the Carolines
114. *** Daisies Bouquet: Free Crochet Pattern ***
115. Sherri @ The Jukin' Chick

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - A Toot for Tina

Instead of my own Toot, I'm "tooting" for this cool chick, Tina! She was a participant in last week's Toot Your Horn Tuesday.

She's got a great blog! Let me tell you! She's a stay at home mom of 4 (like me, except that I'm now working part time!) and she shares all kinds of tips for living frugally. Her entry last week was a tip about a homemade wrinkle release concoction to aid in laundry time and hopefully help us avoid bringing out the ol' ironing board. Well, as soon as I read it, I had to try it!! Ironing might actually be a relaxing chore if I could turn on the t.v. and take my time to do it right, but who has the time?!

I found my son's clean laundry balled up on his bed this week, so I grabbed a couple shirts, hung them on hangers, treated them as directed by Tina, and guess what...It Worked!! By the way, my boys all do their own laundry! It's a rule in this house once you hit middle school. Parents: If You Are Doing Your Teenager's Laundry, then You Are Crazy!! I say, make them do it!

Anyway, Tina deserves a nice pat on the back. I'm looking forward to learning more from her blog! Make sure you visit her!
The Common Cents Home

See there! I visit as many participants as I can and when I find a post that really impresses me, I just have to share!

Sign Mister Linky if you've written a Toot Your Horn Tuesday post! Don't forget to link back using that cute little button on the left or just a small hyperlink will do too.

Toot Your Horn Tuesday Participants
1. cute flower tank
2. Easy Faux Stone Planter
3. Thrift Store Tray Redo @ The Simpler Life
4. Organize and Decorate (Decorated for Spring)
5. Drab to Fab Photo Album
6. How to Make a Scroll Box for Your Blog Button
7. Recycled Porch @ The Common Cents Home
8. Craft Room Organization @ Remodelaholic
9. baby slings
10. Natural Fragrance
11. Outdoor Lighting
12. Chair Re-Do @ Meet Virginia!!
13. Marie
14. shabby vintage music frame @ raggygirlvintage
15. HOODED SWEATER & AM. GIRL DOLL SWEATER- a little bit of everything
16. Pottery Barn inspired bulletin board!! @ MarytheKay
17. Sherry@The Charm of Home
18. Fast Fabric Gifts Book Review Giveaway @ Songbird
19. Art Bags {New Nostalgia}
20. Mint-Filled Brownie Cupcakes!
21. Hopeful Homemaker
22. picket fence w/ photo clothesline
23. Head & Shoulders Book at Delicious Ambiguity
24. Mothers Day Song Book
25. {Chocolate PB Cookies} @ The Tidy Nest
26. Waterproof Picnic Blanket
27. Fabric cake stand @ KIS
28. TUTORIAL: Tulle Butterflies
29. PB Inspired CANDLE VOTIVES...Jane @ Finding Fabulous
30. DIY Frame Tray @ lemon tree creations
31. Distressed bench impatientlyprayingforpatience
32. Noah's Ark
33. Red Heads Craft More Fun (Spring Birdie)
34. All Things Heart and Home~Pain & Primer Make All Things New!
35. Liz@The Flowering Dogwood
36. Clean Mama -2 Painted Chairs
37. Yard sale buys!
38. Recycled Jar Lanterns @ Kreative Knack
39. Under the Sea Party & CRAB CAKE @ Life On Purpose
40. Ask Garcia
41. Mini Living Room Makeover
42. A flower
43. Beautiful Swedish Apartment @ Inspiring Interiors
44. It's not dinner but it's FUN (Chocolate Mice)
45. Lunch Bag
46. Homemade Boy Gifts
47. Yoli ~ Apron Senorita
48. Handmade spring purses
49. Step by step Lampshade Tutorial
50. Paint Can Gift @ Lemon Tree Creations
51. Itty Bitty Dresses @ Home Sweet Home
52. DIT Beaded Garden Stakes
54. "KnotTEE" Spring Top
55. Erin @ Lemon Tree Creations-No Sew Pillow
56. Courtney @Good Life
57. Car Playmat
58. One Handy Chick-down came the wall
59. Lemon Skirts!
60. Adult Skirt
61. Glass Bead Bracelets
62. Toddler Skirt with thick elastic waistband
63. Cardboard Tube Giraffe
64. lacey stuff @ googiemomma!!
65. Recycled Ladybug Jar
66. Mirrors & Shelves @SweetSouthernMe
67. Student Project Out of Air Dry Clay
68. Marie Antoinette card and tutorial
70. Wine Cellar Mural @Murals&More
71. HOMEMADE ALMOND JOY BARS @ santasgiftshoppe
72. Quilt I Made to Give Away @ lovely bud
73. **Giveaway** 2 Dozen Fondant Cupcake Toppers
74. Concrete Bunny Tutuorial
75. Side Table Repaint @ My Dear Trash
76. Pedestal Coffee Table Transformation
77. Stenciled Dresser
78. Homemade Coasters
79. felt flower pillow @ love stitched
80. Rockin' Deals
81. Rock Star Tee w/ Template
82. MOTHER'S Day Cupcakes!!
83. French&Denim Ocean Art Banner
84. Vinyl Bowls InspByHMs
85. PMats►PolkaDotPillows
86. Hanging Pincushion
87. Necklace Organizer @theSingleNester
88. Turquoise Tuesday
89. Yours, Mine & Ours* (contact paper decals)
90. Bow Tank Top
91. The Greatest Wrapping Paper Ever and a Giveaway at YG!
92. Glass Bead Pendant Necklace Over @ GET CRAFTIN
93. Beach Collage @ Jen and her Marine
94. Girly Room Decor Plaques@ Sugar Bananas!
95. Twine & PVC Pipe Napkin Rings
96. Pinto Bean Wreath @ Ada Brown
97. An Antique Fan and more Garage Sale Finds!
98. Edible Earth: Rice Krispy Treats for Earth Day
99. Damask Tray @ Fun to Craft
100. Kitchen Before & After
101. Basket Toppers @ Attempting Creative
102. Little Drops of Heaven
103. ♥Yard Sale Tips♥♥♥
104. Laura@White Spray Paint
105. Soda Can Butterfly Mobile @ RootsAndWingsCo
106. Kids silhouette necklace AND earrings, perfect for mothers day!
107. DIY - Party Hats
108. My $1 find this weekend!
109. fabric flower hair clip for adults or kids!
110. silver button blingy decor ball
111. Wash & Dry @ Be Thou a Knight
112. Decorating with old books
113. Beadboard Wallpaper Project
114. Monogrammed Plaques
115. Children's Huge Art Display
116. *****Turquoise Dresser Revamp
117. lamp revamp w/fabric flowers
118. Start with Onion!
119. Denim Ruffled Table Runner
120. Condo Blues - Porch Table Revamp
121. prison bench @junkrestore
122. Carolyn
123. $7 DIY kids artwork board!
124. Kuzak's Closet: Before & Afters
125. placemats from scraps
126. heathersviewfromtheshoe
127. Charm of the Carolines
128. Dress Shirt-2-Dress

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - More or less

Just so you know,
You Do Not Have To Be A...
Crafter, Artist, Cook, Refinisher or Seamstress
To Join
Toot Your Horn Tuesday!
I'm just here to give you a well deserved pat on the back! Heck, if you just stood around and twiddled your thumbs all week, You Still Deserve A Pat On The Back!! Because God loves us no matter how small our accomplishments.

If you read my post last week then you know I've been "recovering" from some minor surgery. Recovering?!! Meaning I'm suppose to take it easy, no lifting, little walking, no jumping around etc. Let me just start by saying that I'm obviously not cut out for this "recovery" stuff. I've completely failed at it really. Sit down all day?!! I have a 2 year old! Hello!! She doesn't stay in a play pen any longer!
Yeah, here she is attaching something to the wall...Where did she get that? What is it?OH! It's a.....

I also have 3 boys. Key word here is "BOYS." Messy, active, and completely OBLIVIOUS boys!
Walking around the house with a bowl of cereal in your hands? Why not just sit for a bit?
At a table?!!

Anyway, despite the fact that I really fail at "recovery," I'm doing just fine and feeling much better! Thanks for asking!

Enjoy linking up with Mister Linky below. Don't forget to add a link to your post back to this fun party!!

Toot Your Horn Tuesday Participants
1. A Marriage of Two @ junkblossoms
2. The Common Cents Home
3. Goodwill trip impatientlyprayingforpatience
4. Amazing Transformation @ The Simpler Life
5. Kuzak's Closet: Scalloped Potatoes & Ham
6. Laura@White Spray Paint
7. Picture Frame Wall
8. SIMPLE PINE CONE WREATH -a little bit of everything
9. So Simply Fancy Ribbon TuTu and Hair Accessory
11. Paper Mache Letter F
12. Easy & Tasty PB Cupcakes- Prepare to wow the masses!
13. Cozy Coupe Makeover
14. Animal Print in the Cucina!
15. No-Cost Denim Redesign
16. Recycled Bottle Mantel w/Burlap&Jute
17. Naptime = A Clean House
19. suzq - atthefarmhouse
20. hat box @ a girl and a glue gun
21. Sassy Black & White Apron
22. jewelry box revamp @ {show & tell}
23. Vintage chair makeover
24. Ivy Topiary Painting @Murals&More
25. Tattered Muslin Rosettes @ Just Another Hang Up
26. No Sew Burlap Lampshade ~ Boogieboard Cottage
27. Old stool makeover @ MarytheKay
28. Vintage tea-dyed tags tutorial @ raggygirlvintage
29. Cabinet Redo @ Made By Stephie
30. DIY house demo (mama thompson)
31. Bday Giveway
32. Ruffled I-Pod Snuggie
33. Dumpster Diving Treasure
34. The BEST Goodwill Trip EVER!
35. Bringing Charitable Giving Alive w/a DIY Book @ The Handy Hausfrau
36. Grocery Tote from sheets
37. The Little Brown House - Easy Enchilada's
38. Purple faced t shirt
39. All Things Heart and Home~Behr Paint w/ Primer Before & Afters!
40. Antique Desk Revamp @ lemon tree creations
41. Sewing Machine mat @ MummyCrafts
42. It's Spray Paint Silly @ One Life Many Journeys
43. DIY Bow Ties
44. Sweet 16 Pary Idea
45. Boys Bathroom Makeover
46. Pillow Ideas
47. A story to tell dresser redo
48. Plastic Lid Ladybugs
49. frugal way to show thanks! !
50. Textured Globe Craft
51. Homemade Chocolate Syrup
52. Erin @ Lemon Tree Creations-Easy and Beautiful DIY Displays
53. Best of Pottery Barn @ Inspiring Interiors
54. Table Scraps Diner - Scrap/Craft
55. Bloom Where You Are Planted and a Gift Card Giveaway @ Yoga Gal!
56. flowery topiary @ Keeping It SImple
57. dining chairs makeover
58. Birthday Party Ideas
59. A Ceiling Fan Revamp...Jane @ Finding Fabulous
60. TUTORIAL: Photo Canvas Project
61. Laura @ Frugal Follies (Doing great on Swagbucks!)
62. One Handy Chick-weekend projects
63. TV Stand from Desk @ Creative-Outbursts
64. sweet escape sunroom redo
65. Clean Mama - Going Postal
66. chair revamp @ along for the ride
67. tissue paper cross @ along for the ride
68. BottleCap Cupcake PinCushions
69. *Everyone loves a Chandelier* peppertowne.com
70. Relay for Life Rag Quilts
71. Organize & Decorate (pinwheels and kids)
72. Shadywood Chic
73. Pottery Barn lite
74. scrap fabric headband @ Pea Pod
75. Love Stitched : anthropologie inspired tutorial
76. Calico Corners Living Room
77. HOMEMADE THIN MINT Girl Scout COOKIES @ santasgifsthoppe
78. Bath Mat Pillow @ Black Kats Design
79. Simple Ceramic Coasters!
80. This weeks garaging finds@ My Dear Trash
81. Condo Blues - telephone books wreath
82. Shabby Monogram Wedding Gift
84. Headband from Thrifted fabrics
85. *Design Fanatic* Tiled Laundry Room Floor
86. cute baby mobile
87. tulle and fabric toddler skirt
88. easypeasygrandma
89. Lady Ren-Ovation- kitchen cabinet re-paint- Lady of The Arts
90. Keep Calm..Burlap Stitch, Free Pattern!! @ RedberryBarn
91. Easy Moss Wreath@ Attempting Creative
92. Quick Picture Clip
93. Can You Say TURQUOISE?!
94. curious george party
95. Coffee Filter Wreath @AdaBrown
96. Rosette Garden Pillow @ Just Another Hang Up
97. Snake Softies @ lovely bud
98. Trash to Treasure...SCAL
99. Diaper Clutch Changing Pad
100. {Speedy Brownies} @ The Tidy Nest
101. My Frugal Lifestyle {Painting Garden Rocks}
102. birdhouses
103. Amy Stickle
104. Cabinet Makeover @ Sweet Girl Design
105. Kitchen Remodel- THE BIG REVEAL!!!
106. Busy Bee Garden Flag
107. So Sweet Pineapple Trick- Savvy Chick Home*********
108. JCrew Inspired girls dress tutorial @ Create and Delegate
109. Miss Thing gets a Makeover
110. Rockin' Deals
111. Bday Giveway @ Meet Virginia!!
112. Bib Wall Art @ The Moody Fashionista
113. Give her a high 5
114. Cary Hairbows @ Be Thou a Knight
115. The CUTEST Store E.V.E.R
116. Yellow Tub and Toilet? No Problem! Bath Remodel
117. Jewelry Wedding Bouquet How To - Jessica
118. Got Candy? DIY Candy Dish? @ Kreative Knack
119. Exterior Makeover@fromhousetohome
120. My first Goodwill Trip @ Frugal Farmhouse-basic boring menu
121. Amber: Kitchen Redo Pt. 2
122. meredith*
123. Decorative Candle holders

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Have you ever seen anything like this? This is how my daughter wakes up most mornings. Don't know whether to use a comb or a weed wacker!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - A Little Surgery

So, it's Tuesday again. What kind of fantastic accomplishments can you share?

I'm sitting here on my cozy couch with my feet up. Yep, I'm recuperating from a little outpatient surgery. Nothing to worry about, a few "female" repairs. Just my body telling me to "stop having babies" I think or maybe "you're getting old!"

Either way, I'm under doctor's orders to stay off my feet (generally) for 2 weeks. It's day 5 and I'm already going stir crazy. Did I mention that it's also Spring Break for my kids? AND the weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The perks....Husband and Mother prepared Easter Dinner! Kids cleaned the house! I'm catching up on all my DVR'd shows! And this will be my view for a while...

You would think that I'd have more time to blog this past week, but that's a big FAIL! I've actually been on the computer a lot, but wasting much too much time of Facebook and Ebay. I bought Glynis some clothes! Yay!

Ok, I'll leave it to you guys now. I'm going out to lunch with a few women from my family, but I plan on coming home to loads of links! Can't wait to see what you are all up to.

Remember to use a link back on your blogs so that we can spread the fun!

Toot Your Horn Tuesday Participants
1. Laundry Room Makeover - How to Paint Stripes
2. A Gift of Encouraging Words
3. Scrabble Art!!
4. Rockin' Deals ~ Pillowcase Dress
5. Design Your Own Giveaway!
7. Dressing up your dress
8. hooded towel tutorial
9. funky glove tute and easter glove refashion
10. Yoli ~ Apron Senorita
11. Saving Money & Living Life (INCREDIBLE Banana Pudding!)
12. framed builder mirror & book wreath @ {show & tell}
13. **Just a touch of SuNsHiNe**
14. festive flower headband - yellow rose of texas
15. Tween Bedroom Makeover @ MarytheKay
16. 2 Sock Monkey Hats~ Choose Color and Size (Newborn-Adult) 4-8
17. a little more Easter {m @ oc cottage}
18. DISH TOWEL CUTLERY CARRIER - a little bit of everything
19. House number project made out my own junk
20. Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Pie
21. GIVEAWAY!!!!
22. Spring Ruffle Tank (So CUTE!!!)
23. SUPER CUTE reversible skirt @ Keeping It Simple
24. FRUIT BOWL @ Keeping It Simple
25. Joan@anythinggoshere~ Redo of Vintage Perfume Bottles
26. Amanda
27. DIY - Diaper Covers, Ruffled
28. All Things Heart and Home~Beachy Painting Technique!
29. Spring/Chick Burlap Runner
30. The Sock Exchange @ The Lemon Tree
31. Gift Wrap Closet @ Dittle Dattle
32. Sunny - Crocheted Doily of The Month - April
33. Side Table Makeover
34. Chocolate Crescents @ Life On Purpose
35. Big Dice @ Lemon Tree
36. Clothespin Art Center
37. Vintage Wall Hanging Redo
38. Our Daily Chocolate:: Sleeping Cat turned Butterfly
39. Personal Masterpieces
40. Teddy Bear Party @ Lemon Tree Creations
41. FAITH-full Front Door
42. Painting Custom Characters for Kids
43. Easy Notepad Tutorial
44. Little Thoughts by LT : Updated Coffee Table
45. What's Old and Rusty @ junkblossoms
46. Lollipop Flowers @ Cheap Chic Home
47. THAT'S a cake? @ Sugar Bananas!
48. New Job Survival Kit
49. Mommy Meal Planners
50. Grocery Shopping Lists
51. DIY Kids Stove
52. DIY Bath Salts
53. Erin @ Lemon Tree Creations-Vintage Clock Face
54. DIY Spring Tablescape!!!
55. Dinosaur Crown
56. No-Fly-Away Tablecloth from Shower Curtain
57. Sandbox to Kids Garden and a gift card giveaway at Yoga Gal!
58. FRESH POPPY DESIGN Grown-up Gift Idea
59. Love Stitched : Fabric Pom Tutorial
60. The White Farmhouse
61. Simple & Sweet Custom Frames
62. My new cloche
63. Storybook Castle Mural on Canvas
64. Finally! A Bargain Find!
65. Kid's Art Smock @ Fun to Craft
66. SPRING BLOCKS - multipurposed
67. Burlap Curtains and Bedskirt @ Black Kats Design
68. Soup Can Facelift @ Attempting Creative
69. Super Moist Toasted Coconut Cake!
70. Vanity before and after and cabinet painting tutorial
71. googiemomma
72. free meal planner download
73. Spring Handbag
74. HOMEMADE SAMOA Girl Scout COOKIES @ Santa's Gift Shoppe (Year Round)
75. Spring tabletop ideas and Tutorial for Party.
77. Spring Cleaning my yard!
78. *Giveaway* and Rocking Chair Redo peppertowne.com
79. kitchen remodel- part 6- the tile dilemma
80. Apothecary Spice Jars @ Made By Stephie
81. Nikki @ KreativeKnack
82. DIY Cake Plate @ KreativeKnack
83. Laura@White Spray Paint
84. Security Envelope Cans
86. Decorate with scrabble letters 3 different ways!
87. Cupcakes made from Cake mix & diet sprite!
88. Birthday Chair Pom Pom&Felt Slip Cover!
89. Shoe/Scarf Organizer - Grace @ RMD
90. Color Roll~Pony Tails&Fish Scales
91. lunch bag @ Pea Pod
92. Shower caps for kids..repost
93. My Frugal Lifestyle {Using Lemonade to Clean your Dishwasher}
94. Silver & blue jewelry@Veronica's Korner
95. Tracey @ raggygirlvintage
96. Kuzak's Closet: DIY Homemade Artisan Bread
97. A few things from the week
98. Fireplace Makeover
99. Trash to Treasure...Literally!
100. Beautiful Retreat in Kenya @ Inspiring Interiors
101. save the date 2 ways
102. Fairies in the Garden @ Creative-Outbursts
103. Peacock Mantle @ Anything that Glitters
104. continuous zipper purse, clutch and headband
105. JCrew Inspired tank @ Create and Delegate
106. Amber: Kitchen Redo/$200 Budget Pt. 1
107. Upcycled Mens Shirt to Ruffled Peasant Top@ Mama Lusco's
108. blueberry white chocolate cheesecake
109. Beauty in my Garden
110. Office Chair makeover
111. Granny's Icebox Cookies!
112. DIY Spring topiary
113. My Dear Trash Hope Chest Re-do
114. The Bunk House
115. menu board @ a girl and a glue gun

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