Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - More or less

Just so you know,
You Do Not Have To Be A...
Crafter, Artist, Cook, Refinisher or Seamstress
To Join
Toot Your Horn Tuesday!
I'm just here to give you a well deserved pat on the back! Heck, if you just stood around and twiddled your thumbs all week, You Still Deserve A Pat On The Back!! Because God loves us no matter how small our accomplishments.

If you read my post last week then you know I've been "recovering" from some minor surgery. Recovering?!! Meaning I'm suppose to take it easy, no lifting, little walking, no jumping around etc. Let me just start by saying that I'm obviously not cut out for this "recovery" stuff. I've completely failed at it really. Sit down all day?!! I have a 2 year old! Hello!! She doesn't stay in a play pen any longer!
Yeah, here she is attaching something to the wall...Where did she get that? What is it?OH! It's a.....

I also have 3 boys. Key word here is "BOYS." Messy, active, and completely OBLIVIOUS boys!
Walking around the house with a bowl of cereal in your hands? Why not just sit for a bit?
At a table?!!

Anyway, despite the fact that I really fail at "recovery," I'm doing just fine and feeling much better! Thanks for asking!

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Tina @ www.commoncentshome.blogspot.com said...

You made me laugh out loud! Oh, the horrors!!! Thanks for hosting this party, it's fantastic!

a little bit of everything said...

Reminds me of the day my son, at about that age, lined up an entire box of pampers to "make a road". Too funny! I'm sure "relaxing" is not in your vocabulary...good luck with that!

Sandra said...

Thanks for hosting the party. Wow, you really can't (or aren't supposed to) do much of anything. Try to take it easy!

♥ Calamity Anne ♥ said...

I darn near busted a gut seeing that pad on the wall! Gotta love 'em!

LivingInspired said...

Not a pad on the wall! Oh man. The things kids find. It is just a giant sticker after all. : )

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

Bwahahaha! Too funny!

Thanks for hosting and letting me toot my horn that my house got clean! Yippee!
-Ann Marie

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

Went back to re-read and I totally missed the part about your surgery! Take it easy, lots of hugs and prayers to you! I know it must be tough not to be able to do anything, but hang in there! :(

Sausha said...

thanks for another party!! And i totally couldnt imagine just "sitting" around either - ya right!

Sausha @ {show & tell}

Suzanne said...

It's hard to take it easy when you have little ones -- that's for sure. Love the "sticker" on the wall -- hilarious. If ever you need to talk, just know that I had 5 boys and 2 girls -- within 10 years of each other. Yup, I can relate on many different levels! Hope the rest of your recovery goes a little smoother. Look at the bright side, at least you weren't bored.

raggygirlvintage said...

Hope tomorrow's a better day for you!! Thanks for hosting, I've linked up my always works tea-dyed tags tutorial:-)

MarytheKay said...

Well, that is the newest look in wallcoverings...maxi pads! Oh my--I am so sorry! And the cereal bowl...that doesn't look like it was easy to clean.

Thanks for letting me join your link up party! It's my 2nd week in a row!! I hope you heal quickly...and your kids take extra long naps for you in the meantime. :-)

Mama Thompson said...

What's the fascination with 2 year-olds and feminine hygiene products? I can't get my little one to ignore the "special garbage can" in the public bathrooms....

Meet Virginia said...

Thanks so much for hosting Leah!!!

Check out my new


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Alison said...

Thanks so much!

Sara said...

Love the picture - I'm laughing out loud as I'm reading. Glad to hear that you're on the mend. Thanks for hosting this link party.

Sara @ The Handy Hausfrau

Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

If I was the one recovering from surgery I would have blown my stitches out laughing at your post!! The pic of your daughters "wall art" is priceless!!

Thanks so much for hosting!!

Tiffany said...

Wow, I'm sorry about your recovery time. It sounds rough. Kids will do that to ya! : ) You definitely made me laugh. Hope you get to relax at some point!

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh that is just too funny. And so close to my house! My son decided one day to show off his new shoe inserts that were cushy and kept his feet dry. The teacher called me cause she did not find the humor in letting him use panty liners in his shoes. Letting him?!

Sugar Bananas said...

Yikes that pic reminds me of one I have of blueberries and juice spilled ALL OVER the kitchen (with unsealed grout). Nice! I guess we all have our spill pictures :)

Thanks for hosting and a happy Tuesday to you.

Kifus said...

Ohh Leah did you see that? But of course you did, I mean it's a work of art! Not the pad of course but the cereal bowl on the floor. Modern art at its best!

If I were recovering I would have lazily shuffled to the back door, whistled for my dog to come and lick the floor clean.

Thanks for having me over Leah!

Angie said...

LOL...I love your post! KIds are so creative!

Cece Lively said...

Love it ! kids are constant messes and I wouldnt trade a moment of it! Thanks for hosting the party!

Michelle @ Creative-Outbursts said...

Thanks for hosting! The mishaps at your house sound very familiar...lol!

miss corner cape said...

thanks for hosting this party! i like what you say about it, that you don't have to be a crafter, etc, but that we all deserve to toot our own horn sometimes.

Leanne said...

So much for relaxing, right. I hope your recovery is a fast one. At least she finds creative things to play with. Thats hilarious! I love your new pictures of the family at the side or have they been there for a while? Thanks for hosting again. I'm having my first party tommorrow. Stop by and join in if you can.

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

Hi Barb here from santasgiftshoppe.blogspot.com
Thanks for hosting another great party..I love the idea...Not so rigid with what catagory..just a pat on the back which we all are in need of & deserve...Great blog..Your daughters hair reminds me of my kids when they were small but your comment cracks me up!
Have a great day!!!

Lady Ren said...

Hi- Just found your blog and saw this toot your own horn and really felt, well, like tooting my own horn. I am still on cloud nine with the kitchen redo my husband and I finished this week. Thank you so much for hosting this event-I am totally new to this but will get the HTML codes set up!

House of Smith's said...

Such great projects!
Thanks for hosting the party!

bcrandall said...

Thanks for letting me link up. I love this. Brooke @MakinitDomestic.blogspot.com

TheNormanFive said...

Thank you , thank you, thank you for hosting this link party.
Erin @ thenormanfive.blogspot.com

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

sooo funny! Bless your heart! There is not a mom out here who doesn't understand EXACTLY what you're talking about! maybe we all can find strength in our numbers.... Anyway, please try to take care whenever you can! Thanks for throwing another great party! I'm off to mingle...

Christine said...

Aaaahhh the memories.....enjoy the little moments, even the big spills!!

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Memories, oh yes, it does bring back memories. Thanks for hosting.

Meet Virginia said...

This post made me laugh!! I loved it! Thanks so much for hosting such a great party!!

Check out my new


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Jessica said...

I'm so excited to link up this week.

Make sure you show that picture to you little one when she gets bigger :-)

Thanks for hosting!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

What a great story! Thanks for hosting such a great party!

A Lady's Life said...

This made me really laugh.Oh how I'd hate that bowl on the floor.
If there is anything I can find to do, away from household chores, I'm there.
Hope you have a good dog to lick all that stuff up lol
If not I'll lend you my hogs (snort snort) lol

Mindy said...

First time linking up with you, thanks!

meredith* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth in NC said...

LOL! Too funny! You know, our daughter has never paid attention to my "supplies" and has never even asked! (Thank God.) However, we had a cat that would get my tampons out of the cabinet and bat them through the house and they would end up in the den. I was always terrified that I would walk in with company to find tampons laying in the floor. They are now kept in a drawer!

God bless your recovery!