Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - A Toot for Tina

Instead of my own Toot, I'm "tooting" for this cool chick, Tina! She was a participant in last week's Toot Your Horn Tuesday.

She's got a great blog! Let me tell you! She's a stay at home mom of 4 (like me, except that I'm now working part time!) and she shares all kinds of tips for living frugally. Her entry last week was a tip about a homemade wrinkle release concoction to aid in laundry time and hopefully help us avoid bringing out the ol' ironing board. Well, as soon as I read it, I had to try it!! Ironing might actually be a relaxing chore if I could turn on the t.v. and take my time to do it right, but who has the time?!

I found my son's clean laundry balled up on his bed this week, so I grabbed a couple shirts, hung them on hangers, treated them as directed by Tina, and guess what...It Worked!! By the way, my boys all do their own laundry! It's a rule in this house once you hit middle school. Parents: If You Are Doing Your Teenager's Laundry, then You Are Crazy!! I say, make them do it!

Anyway, Tina deserves a nice pat on the back. I'm looking forward to learning more from her blog! Make sure you visit her!
The Common Cents Home

See there! I visit as many participants as I can and when I find a post that really impresses me, I just have to share!

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Sharon@KeenInspirations said...

I was FIRST?! I'm never first for anything! lol I'm glad to be here, thank you for hosting. I'm looking forward to seeing some fun projects!

Leanne said...

Thanks for Hosting. My kids do their own laundry starting in 7th grade. It's a rule in our home too.

Jessica Hills said...

Thanks for hosting!!

Tina @ www.commoncentshome.blogspot.com said...

Thank you so much for tooting my horn!!! :) Made my night! I'm so excited. I'm adding your button to my page!

Meet Virginia said...

Thanks so much for hosting again Leah! I just LOVE your party!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Marie said...

Hello sweet Leah - what a FUN party! So happy I found your cute blog. Thank you for hosting!


Tina @ www.commoncentshome.blogspot.com said...

Forgot to mention, I have my kids loading and starting the washer when they are 4, then folding and putting their laundry away once it is dry. I move it from the washer to the dryer for them, since that is a tough reach for little arms. But it is never too early to get it started with the use of a good step stool or chair! :)

raggygirlvintage said...

Thanks for hosting Leah, I've linked up for a second week!

MarytheKay said...

Thanks so much for letting me join your linky party again!

Marianne@Songbird said...

Good Morning Leah. I am new here, but decided it was high time I came and partied along. My post is a bit of tooting my own horn and a little of tooting someone else's horn. I hope you don't mind.
Thank you for hosting the party!

A Lady's Life said...

I would do the laundry but I have to say I don't Every one does their own and sometimes mine.
I am soooooo lucky ;)

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Thanks for hosting this blog party every week! I'll try to get back often. Love your blog!

becca said...

thanks for sharing tina with us. i need all the frugal tips i can get.

Hopeful Homemaker said...

Just found your blog in some roundabout way, and it looks great! My 8 children either help with or do their own laundry, too. I couldn't do it all myself if I tried!

Sandy@Life Began In A Garden said...

Thanks for hosting this party, can't wait to check out all the goodies!

Garcia said...

Love Toot Your Horn Tuesday!

Ask Garcia
Ask Garcia
Ask Garcia

Tiffany said...

Thanks for being a great hostess!

Also, great idea about the laundry! : )

Kifus said...

I don't mind ironing. As long as I don't have to do it ever again in my life. I wish someone would pass a law stating that ironing is completely illegal and forbidden from now to eternity. Ah, well, I think I'm going to check out that tip, thanks so much for it.

And thanks for being such a wonderful host Leah!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the party! It's great to see what everyone is up to and get some great ideas!

The Train To Crazy said...

Good for you for teaching your children to do their own laundry! I am always shocked when I hear about teenagers that don't do their laundry. I can't imagine!

Amy said...

Thanks for hosting another great link party! It's so nice to see what everyone is doing!

Kristi said...

Thanks for hosting! My daughter is 11. She started doing her own laundry last year. Makes her think twice about throwing something that isn't dirty into the hamper!

Megan said...

first time linking up!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for hosting this fun link party! I love to see what everyone else has been up to!

Raise Them Up said...

What a fun party idea! And I just checked out Tina's blog and love it! Thanks for giving her a shout out. :)

I now have fabric softener on my store list.

I figure I can spray my three boys down before the walk out the door in the morning. And MAYBE no one will notice that they pulled their clothes off the closet floor. Lol!

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

Thanks for hosting..Always a great party!!!!!!!!

Frugal Home Designs said...

Thank you for hosting. I can't wait to see what everyone is up to.

Lisa said...

Thanks for hosting. I'm new to this party.. lots of great projects!!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

New to this party too! Thanks for hosting!!

Laurie said...

Thanks for hosting another great linky party!

meredith* said...

It's linky party time!

Jen said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for Hosting!

Sarah said...

Thanks for hosting. I'm off to check out some new ideas :)

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

Thanks for hosting! I'll be coming back to browse some more while watching Idol tonight! ;)

Craftify It! said...

Lovin' all of the link ups!! Great projects going on around the blog world!!!

Alison said...

Thanks for hosting!!

Jill and Michelle said...

Thanks for hosting! Love the name and your linky button!


Heather said...

Great idea, Thanks.