Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Presents

So many presents given and received!! Here's a list of some we saw this year, in no particular odor. I mean order...

*Perfume or cologne - bought my hubby Calvin Klein Euphoria
*Axe or Tag body spray - my boys don't leave the house without a squirt on their sweet little necks
*Subway gift cards - these can be personalized with pictures online for just a few dollars
(yes, that's my husband in the pink wig and buck teeth, isn't he handsome? we sent these to his dad. he's so proud of his first born!)
*Digital cameras and video cameras - you don't have to spend a fortune, got one for my teenager
*My daughter got a Step 2 pink, foot-powered car. My boys had similar cars when they were little. Glynis is in it non-stop.
*Instruments - real instruments (bought my son a drum) or not so real instruments (Guitar Hero World Tour- fun fun)
*A Spatula - yep, that's what my kids gave me :)
*Mp3 players - My sister-in-law got an Iphone, so I'm getting her old ipod!! yeah me!
*Apples to Apples - have you played this game yet? Good fun and there's a kid version too.

And my favorite gift this year was given to my boys by their Aunt Dee. Besides a cash gift and gift card to Barnes and Noble, She also sent an envelope with $300 enclosed and she wrote this:
"In a year where most people are suffering significant financial losses, God has blessed us tremendously. We feel strongly that this is God's to share...This year, we are asking each of you (boys) to help us "pass it on." Search your hearts for a cause that is important to you and use the money to help those around you however you want."

I'm not sure exactly how much the boys will appreciate this opportunity, but as their mom, I feel overwhelmed with emotion and appreciation for this lesson in love. Thank you Dionna!! I love you! (Dionna is expecting her first baby in February, what a Mommy she will be!)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Chandler Vaughn

Chandler was born 11 years ago today. If you're a mother than you know the feeling that your child's birthday brings. 4 times a year, I sit and reminisce about those 4 magnificent days. I was built for having babies. All four pregnancies were wonderful. Of course, my body shows the wear, but all the deliveries went smoothly and 4 precious babies were born into this crazy world.

Chandler is my baby boy and no longer my youngest child, but a big brother himself now. When he was born, my marriage was rocky and ended when Chandler was barely 4 years old. Oh what a joy he brought to my soul during that uneven and ardous time in my life. That little blond baby strapped to my hip. I carried him everywhere. He was light as a feather. He loved to climb, and was in perpetual motion. His wonder of the world kept his brothers and I in stiches. He made friends where ever he went. I remember when he was about 4 years old. We would often go to the park. It would only be a few minutes before he would have organized all the kids there and started a game of tag. He is still the same way. He's a leader who is compassionate towards others. In kindergarten, he had plenty of friends, but one little girl who was often teased by the others for her weight, came straight up to me one day to tell me that she was going to marry Chandler when she grew up. Chandler had defended her many times from the bullying. I have a feeling that she will always remember that.
He's growing up now I suppose. He's changing every day like kids are suppose to do. His party is planned for this Friday. We'll have pizza, play some games and maybe even watch a movie. His friends will be his focus that day. I'll just sit back and watch my son turn 11.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Don't let your children read this!!

Wow, Christmas is over. Ours was special and somewhat quiet. We attended our church's Christmas Eve service and then in the morning we opened presents from "Santa." Yep, this is the year that Chandler made it official... He knows the truth. Mom and Dad are Santa! He says he's known for a long time, but that "his parent's wouldn't listen to him." We just kept on telling him that he had to believe!
So since 3 of our 4 children know the real deal now, we didn't set out cookies, we didn't excitedly hurry the kids to bed, the kids knew we were wrapping their presents and they mostly knew what each other was getting. Now they can help keep the magic alive for their sister. Happy Times!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My 2 Cents about Christmas

If you're a Christian, then you know all about Jesus having to share his birthday with Santa. I'm sure some of you will disagree with me, but I think there is room for both. At my mother's church this past Sunday, we learned the condensed version of the history of Christmas. Christians didn't start celebrating His birth until 320AD. And the date, December 25th, was chosen to coincide with other pagan celebrations. The Bible actually makes no reference to the importance of celebrating Jesus' birth. (I wonder why that is) But the Bible does continually express God's desire for us to exalt and worship Him always. This is what I do every day.
I grew up learning about Jesus and also knowing the excitement and anticipation of Santa's arrival. My Sunday School teacher made an exclamation the other day about how cool it is that there is so much "advertising for Jesus" with all the decorations and sales and Santa. Isn't that a good way to look at it?
That's it for a few days. I'll be celebrating. I'll be loving on my family. Remembering the past. Watching my loved ones open presents. Opening some of my own. And also, wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another perfect week

I'm such a put-together Mommy. I never make a mistake or do anything dumb. Here's some of the things I would never get caught doing...

I always finish the laundry every week so that my children have clean underwear every day. I know my 10 year old doesn't care if his underwear is clean or not, but eewww!

I can't imagine leaving a load in the dryer for 5 days before folding it.

After finally breaking my 17 month old of her pacifier almost 2 months ago, I wouldn't even consider giving it to her just so I could get a couple more hours of sleep.

I have never gotten in my car and then forgotten where I was going. Some women have to make list after list to remember everything and then even forget the lists.

Most importantly of all, keeping my toddler out of harms way is my main job these days so I am always on guard when she is toddling around my feet. One big danger in my house is my curling iron. I would never ever turn my back even for a second, because she could burn her little fingers!!! How could I ever forgive myself?

What kind of a mother would screw up like that so many times in just a few days time?

I know a few! Trot over to MckMamas web site to read about other irresponsible Mommys.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Final Word on Christmas Cards

Thanks to my blogging friends' comments, I finished addressing and mailing my Christmas Cards. And I did it with a thankful and joyous heart! I kept my list small, mostly just going to family and friends out of town. I won't feel guilty if I missed someone, because most of my friends don't expect me to be perfect and hopefully I'm able to show those around me that I care in other ways. At times, I get into this "why me" ridiculous pity party over things that don't matter at all. The holiday season is stressful for most and with the cards, I was trying to find legitimate reasons to put off the work. I vow to never again obsess over this trivial task.
Thanks again to my buddies. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that the comments left on my last post were heartfelt and encouraging. (God's love shines through all of you)
Now, I'm off to the store, gifts to wrap, house to straighten up, party to attend this evening!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Card Chaos

I'm looking for some discussion here. This is something I've always struggled with...
To send Christmas cards or not to send Christmas cards? That is the question.
Greeting cards are one of my biggest pet peeves. Basically, you're paying someone else to write a sentiment for you. Where's the heart in that? Will the recipients be happy that I spent that 2.5 minutes signing, addressing, and stamping a card for them? Come on, if we take the time to do this, shouldn't we at least be writing our own sentiment? And what about those millions of family picture holiday cards? They're pre-printed, just stick on a stamp and your done. So, that is where I'm coming from. On the other hand, I love getting all the cards, sentiment or no sentiment. Of course, the personal messages are so nice! Anyway, here's what I go through...

Every year by Dec. 1st., I receive my first Christmas card in the mail. This is when the trouble starts. I usually spend the next few days trying to decide if I should add that to my list of things to do during the holiday season. "Maybe I'll skip this year, I'm so busy, friends and family probably won't even notice."
My final decision is..."If I can get to it, then that's great, but if I don't, I won't stress about it. I'll just be sure to call everyone I know and wish them a Happy New Year personally." Yeah, Right! So, I start my Christmas decorating, shopping, event planning etc. and then all of the sudden, around Dec. 12th, I'm getting tons of cards in the mail. Guilt starts to set in and I am overtaken. At that very moment, I run up to the attic to look for leftover cards from years past, I get out my list and start to work. And I will make each of these 325 plus cards personal. My mind is reeling, because I know I don't have enough cards and I'll have to buy more stamps. This is when I go through my list and try to decide who might I be able to leave off this year. Yes, I really consider this! That's hopeless, because the very next day, guess what...I get a card from a person I've left off the list. Next is the mad dash to the store to buy more cards. I'm up until 1am, eyes burning, fingers cramping trying to make as much progress as I can.
The clock is ticking. Will these cards make it to the post office in time?
You see the torture I put myself through? Why can't I just get started in November like all the other organized Mommies?

Now go ahead, tell me what you think. Shame on me? Let it slide, Leah? Get your act together silly sparrow? Why worry? Join the club?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I insisted that I help with his hair for the High School Christmas Formal at church.


Monday, December 15, 2008

No Me Monday

I'm such a perfect Mom that these "Not Me's" are hard to come by. (yeah right!)

I did not let my baby girl bounce around on my bed outside of arms reach and then when she started to fall backwards off the bed, catch her by her ankles. (I screamed, she was dangling upside down, son #1 came running and flipped her up, only then did she start crying. I'm sure we were a sight. No injuries!)

I did not double-book my calendar last week and throw a party at my house while son #1 was at school singing a solo in the holiday concert. I've never missed a concert!

I did not yell "Shut Up" at my children the other day after hearing them argue for the 376th time. We don't talk to each other like that!

I did not sit and watch Glynis and our dog Louie, share crackers on the floor and then run to get my camera. EEWWWW, Germs!

Here'a a link to MckMama, she's much more of a mess then me. ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Generations Celebrating Together

We had the most beautiful party Thursday evening. Every year, we host a Christmas get together for our neighbors. We all look forward to it and our aim is to make it quick and simple. The announcements went out 2 weeks ago. We ask everyone to bring a plate of cookies to share, store bought or home made. There are no RSVP's, just show up if you can. A week night seems to work well during the holidays, because everyone is so busy on the weekends. On the announcements we have a start and end time. It's not too hard on me. I just have to supply my plate of cookies and the drinks (soda and coffee.) My husband and my mother helped decorate the house. It was lit up with candles and twinkly lights.

What a joy it was to see so many generations in my home. This year the ages ranged from 2 months to 90 years old and every decade in between. The men mostly gathered in the kitchen around the coffee maker. The women and babies took over the living room and the teenagers and kids gathered in the family room. Seperate, but all together.

The table was filled with sweet treats and our hearts were filled with the spirit of Christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's the thought that counts

I love the gift giving part of Christmas ...the shopping, finding the perfect gift, seeing it opened by someone you love...
I hate the gift giving part of Christmas...the shopping, not knowing what to buy, all that money people spend...

God's is the only free gift. And I'm sure he smiles when we accept it.

Enjoy Cole singing at our church Christmas program. It made the congregation crack up.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

My Christmas Angel
Lots of other Wordless Wednesday participants over here....http://www.wordlesswednesday.com/

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hustle and Bustle "Not Me" Monday

Gotta get out the door, so this one is short today!

I am not sitting here writing my "Not Me's" even though I just overslept this morning, not waking up the kids on time and now have to drive them to school which will totally discombobulate my day!!

I did not just sit and watch my toddler and my cat in amusement, while they crawled all around under the Christmas tree this week, knowing that they would eventually end up breaking something.

I did not allow my husband to spend way too much money on and then erect those gawdy "flash with the music" Christmas lights.

Watch this short video!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Who's got time?

I'm falling behind on my blog! I suppose it's just the extra holiday activities, but I haven't had time to say hello to my blogging world readers. So here's a big HELLO!

Today is Friday. All week I've spent my free time decorating. There are lots of decorations that just aren't coming down from the attic this year. Glass ornaments and toddlers don't mix. Neither does tinsel and a kitten. The tree is finished although the bottom 2 feet is basically bare. And guess what else...
My husband bought the newest "must have" for outside decorating. Yes, he bought an expensive contraption from Costco that enables the lights to dance to music. As of last night, it is up and running. Already, people are stopping to watch. Over the weekend, I plan on working on some video footage of our holiday antics. So, stay tuned!!!! Have a blessed weekend.

Monday, December 1, 2008

3 Cheers for Mom

Did I really do that? This is just Not Me!

Usually I'm a bumbling stumbling Momma, but sometimes I just need to give myself a pat on the back.

I actually got my to do list completed for the week... My house is still fairly clean after the Thanksgiving gathering. I got a little Christmas shopping done. The kids have their costumes ready for the Christmas musical at church. I visited my Grandfather whom I haven't seen in about 2 months. I put the flea treatment on the cat. I got my car inspected (Well, I got my husband to do that, but that's work in itself.) I have groceries in the kitchen. We helped my Mother get her Christmas tree out of that attic as well as my own....I'm giving myself a break today!! Yeah Me!

Now head on over to MckMama's and read about all those crazy bumbling stumbling Mommas.