Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Presents

So many presents given and received!! Here's a list of some we saw this year, in no particular odor. I mean order...

*Perfume or cologne - bought my hubby Calvin Klein Euphoria
*Axe or Tag body spray - my boys don't leave the house without a squirt on their sweet little necks
*Subway gift cards - these can be personalized with pictures online for just a few dollars
(yes, that's my husband in the pink wig and buck teeth, isn't he handsome? we sent these to his dad. he's so proud of his first born!)
*Digital cameras and video cameras - you don't have to spend a fortune, got one for my teenager
*My daughter got a Step 2 pink, foot-powered car. My boys had similar cars when they were little. Glynis is in it non-stop.
*Instruments - real instruments (bought my son a drum) or not so real instruments (Guitar Hero World Tour- fun fun)
*A Spatula - yep, that's what my kids gave me :)
*Mp3 players - My sister-in-law got an Iphone, so I'm getting her old ipod!! yeah me!
*Apples to Apples - have you played this game yet? Good fun and there's a kid version too.

And my favorite gift this year was given to my boys by their Aunt Dee. Besides a cash gift and gift card to Barnes and Noble, She also sent an envelope with $300 enclosed and she wrote this:
"In a year where most people are suffering significant financial losses, God has blessed us tremendously. We feel strongly that this is God's to share...This year, we are asking each of you (boys) to help us "pass it on." Search your hearts for a cause that is important to you and use the money to help those around you however you want."

I'm not sure exactly how much the boys will appreciate this opportunity, but as their mom, I feel overwhelmed with emotion and appreciation for this lesson in love. Thank you Dionna!! I love you! (Dionna is expecting her first baby in February, what a Mommy she will be!)


He And Me + 3 said...

Those were awesome gifts...and you are right...the money in the envelope with the note was perfect. My kids are learning that lesson this Christmas. We have been blessed and decided this year and from now on we needed to share that with others. God is faithful and blesses right back.

Cathy said...

Great gifts! Loved the gift to the boys from their aunt...hopefully they will appreciate the significance! Happy New Year's Eve!

Michelle said...

You all received some nice gifts. We have Apples to Apples and we LOVE it. When we go camping with my girls scout troop we always bring it. I'm sure we will have it out tonight as well.

Happy New Year!