Monday, December 29, 2008

Chandler Vaughn

Chandler was born 11 years ago today. If you're a mother than you know the feeling that your child's birthday brings. 4 times a year, I sit and reminisce about those 4 magnificent days. I was built for having babies. All four pregnancies were wonderful. Of course, my body shows the wear, but all the deliveries went smoothly and 4 precious babies were born into this crazy world.

Chandler is my baby boy and no longer my youngest child, but a big brother himself now. When he was born, my marriage was rocky and ended when Chandler was barely 4 years old. Oh what a joy he brought to my soul during that uneven and ardous time in my life. That little blond baby strapped to my hip. I carried him everywhere. He was light as a feather. He loved to climb, and was in perpetual motion. His wonder of the world kept his brothers and I in stiches. He made friends where ever he went. I remember when he was about 4 years old. We would often go to the park. It would only be a few minutes before he would have organized all the kids there and started a game of tag. He is still the same way. He's a leader who is compassionate towards others. In kindergarten, he had plenty of friends, but one little girl who was often teased by the others for her weight, came straight up to me one day to tell me that she was going to marry Chandler when she grew up. Chandler had defended her many times from the bullying. I have a feeling that she will always remember that.
He's growing up now I suppose. He's changing every day like kids are suppose to do. His party is planned for this Friday. We'll have pizza, play some games and maybe even watch a movie. His friends will be his focus that day. I'll just sit back and watch my son turn 11.


He And Me + 3 said...

Those pictures were so cute and the post almost made me cry it was so sweet. Happy Birthday Chandler!

Anonymous said...

We luv you Chan!!!! Have a great birthday and know that you have lots of love coming from California!!!
Aunt Jenn, Uncle Steve, Court, Tyler and Dylan!

Joan said...

Happy Birthday!
Children are a blessing.

Happy New Year!