Monday, December 22, 2008

Another perfect week

I'm such a put-together Mommy. I never make a mistake or do anything dumb. Here's some of the things I would never get caught doing...

I always finish the laundry every week so that my children have clean underwear every day. I know my 10 year old doesn't care if his underwear is clean or not, but eewww!

I can't imagine leaving a load in the dryer for 5 days before folding it.

After finally breaking my 17 month old of her pacifier almost 2 months ago, I wouldn't even consider giving it to her just so I could get a couple more hours of sleep.

I have never gotten in my car and then forgotten where I was going. Some women have to make list after list to remember everything and then even forget the lists.

Most importantly of all, keeping my toddler out of harms way is my main job these days so I am always on guard when she is toddling around my feet. One big danger in my house is my curling iron. I would never ever turn my back even for a second, because she could burn her little fingers!!! How could I ever forgive myself?

What kind of a mother would screw up like that so many times in just a few days time?

I know a few! Trot over to MckMamas web site to read about other irresponsible Mommys.


He And Me + 3 said...

I totally forget what I am doing or where I am going. I have to go back to starting point just to remember. LOL
Ouch on the curling iron, but a lesson learned I am sure.

Cathy said...

Everything you posted could be something I have done! It's all part of Mommyhood...right? :-)

Jill said...

I tend to leave my laundry in the dryer, too. :)

Ashley Griffin said...

i never ever leave the laundry in the dryer... or the washer. nope. never.