Saturday, December 20, 2008

Final Word on Christmas Cards

Thanks to my blogging friends' comments, I finished addressing and mailing my Christmas Cards. And I did it with a thankful and joyous heart! I kept my list small, mostly just going to family and friends out of town. I won't feel guilty if I missed someone, because most of my friends don't expect me to be perfect and hopefully I'm able to show those around me that I care in other ways. At times, I get into this "why me" ridiculous pity party over things that don't matter at all. The holiday season is stressful for most and with the cards, I was trying to find legitimate reasons to put off the work. I vow to never again obsess over this trivial task.
Thanks again to my buddies. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that the comments left on my last post were heartfelt and encouraging. (God's love shines through all of you)
Now, I'm off to the store, gifts to wrap, house to straighten up, party to attend this evening!


He And Me + 3 said...

So glad you sent some out. Have so much fun at the party tonight:)

Ashley Griffin said...

good for you!!! now... you didn't leave me off that list did you??? :)