Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I had a conversation with my father a bit ago on the phone. It has been on my mind for the last couple hours. I love my Dad. We don't have a perfect relationship and I wish I could share about it with everyone, but that's not a good idea. So Hey! I'll just write generally about Fathers...

Definition of Father - Male parent of an offspring.

Most people have just one Dad, maybe get married and have a Father-in-Law. Or maybe your parents divorced when you were little and remarried and you got a fancy Step-Dad. Wohoo. (Blogging doesn't allow for facial expressions, darn it)

Does this sound like a Seasame Street lesson? Sorry.

To me, a Dad should be your biggest fan and supporter. Someone you can look up to. An authority figure. A mentor and a good role model. That is a tall order to fill for any human. Luckily we have someone supernatural to fill those shoes every day.... He is our Eternal Father. He makes up for all the imperfect worldly fathers in our lives.

*If you have time, send me a quick email and tell me in a few words about your Dad/Step-Dad/Father-in-law. It'd be cool to post a few of your responses.*

Here's something about my Father-in-Law. He just spent 10 days w/ us. He's from the other side of the country. Bob---Fuuunnnyyy! A Big Teddy Bear. Devoted to his children and grandchildren. Easy to please, Easy going, Easy to love.

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