Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What you'll find here

Blogging: I realize the risks of writing a blog. The risk of mentioning people or events that could hurt or insult someone. I will do my very best to never step over that boundary. I will keep things mostly anonymous, but don't be surprised if you recognize yourself in one of my stories. I'd like my blog to be helpful, to give insight, to raise questions for discussion within your family or just within your own heart.
I'm a grown up, but all the time I am faced with things that I don't really know how to handle. I pray, I go to my husband, I talk it out with my Mom or a friend. I even go to the Internet...shame on me. :)

So....RANDOM...that's a popular word with teens recently and it's really grown on me too. Partly because my life is so overloaded sometimes that the weirdest things just pop into my head. My 13 year old says this to me often..."that was really random, Mom." I like being random! It's keeps people on their toes. You should try it.

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Linda said...

I have to agree! "Random" just sounds
I think I'll try it!