Monday, September 29, 2008

Should I post something political?

Shouldn't I be posting about more than just babies and kittens? What's not to love about babies and kittens?!
How about the upcoming election?! WooHoo!
I don't usually offer too much when it comes to my political views. Why? Because I'm not as educated about the issues as I should be. Sorry. I will never debate with you, I will never post a sign in my yard or send you an email. It's not my thing. I am patriotic, but I'm not political. I know it's important. My mother reminds me. :)
I suppose when someone I like and respect shares their views with me, I am influenced. It rubs off on me. Maybe I should be more proactive that way. Maybe I should voice my concerns about the economy and war. Oh forget it...
This is not me.
Let's there be Babies & Kittens!
Go McCain!

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