Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Mommy gets sick

Ouch! Got my first urinary tract infection on Monday evening. Have you had one of these?
I'm gonna get a little graphic here...
Sometime in the afternoon I was feeling a bit constipated. I was in the bathroom forever! Glynis (the baby) was in there with me. (What else was I suppose to do with her? Are you curious about what she did all that time in a bathroom? Well, just refer to my earlier post about tissues. Give that girl some tissue paper and she's set for hours) Chris was at the soccer field w/ the boys. So there I was, just sitting there thinking that maybe I hadn't been eating right and that maybe I should just go drink some juice and everything would be fine by morning. I was wrong! Because 15 minutes later the pressure moved to my bladder. And this was not a normal pressure. I ran to the computer, because that's where I get all my info. Then I called my friend Lorraine, a nurse. We came up with the diagnosis together. Must be a UTI!!
By now, Chris was on his way to the drugstore to pick up something called AZO Fast Relief for Urinary Pain to "get me through the night." It was already almost 8pm.
To wrap up this stupid story, I ended up going to the doc in a box at 9pm. I was in agony, could barely stand. The foreign, monotone doctor told me that my urine was badly infected and he prescribed antibiotics and a bladder analgesic that turns your urine bright orange. That was pretty cool actually. Chandler insisted that I show him before I flushed (I know...GROSS!)
Do you know how your urine becomes infected? Eww!
Now here's a question for all mothers...
What happens to your house/family when you get sick? You're all shaking your heads, aren't you?
I guess the best we should hope for is that the kids get their homework done and have eaten something (even if it has no nurtional value at all) before getting to bed way too late.

I'm better today! Feeling pretty good actually (still peeing orange.)
I can't believe I'm actually posting this story! I'm a weirdo.

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