Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I love Thanksgiving. Yesterday was just splendid! My family gathered around a beautiful table and gave thanks to God for everything. The weather was perfect. God was here comforting us as we reminisced about family members who are in heaven and He pampered us with delicious food. We were able to laugh ourselves silly while we enjoyed each others company too. What a giving God we have!!! I pray that your day was blessed also.

Now I've gotta know, why is the day after Thanksgiving called Black Friday? You know, that day when all the crazy people leave their warm homes at a ridiculous hour to be first in line when Best Buy opens. As my Step-Dad would say, "I'd rather staple bologna to my face!" I hope that those of you that participated in this weird ritual will please forgive me for making fun.

Anyway, I checked around the Internet to find out about the origins of the name. It seems that most people agree it is called "Black Friday" because it is the biggest shopping day of the year and stores expect to be firmly "in the black." Well, that's nice for them, but I prefer the other story I found.

According to The City Desk, from the late 1920's until the 1960's, there was a devoted "floor men" or salesman named Laurence H. Black. He worked for Osberger’s Department Store which today is called Macy's. Mr. Black became well known in the retail world. As the story goes, he died in the store on November 27th, 1964 from a heart attack. Mr. Osberger closed the store the following day and other retailers around the city wore black in his honor.
Hope you enjoyed the tid-bit. Have a great weekend!!

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