Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm in Texas!

Too much to write about! I ordered a new laptop, it's here and I'm using it, but will be sending it back next week. I bought a refurbished Dell, but there's a few little things I'm not happy with so back it will go. My brother works for Dell so I will only say nice things about the company! It's a great little laptop and I'm sure Dell will meet my demands. For now, I'm in Texas visiting that same little brother. He and his wife just moved into a brand new house in Austin. It's quite lovely. Glynis and I are having a wonderful time. Which is such a relief since we were so sick last week.
Since I'm away from home, I'll just fill you in on our trip thus far. First, travelling with a toddler... All I can say is that I've got the best little girl in the world. I opted to let her fly in my lap to save money. I was as prepared as I could be. We had her Ipod loaded with her shows, pencil and paper, stickers, books, snacks, her Grandma, a muzzle and straight jacket. Just joking. Seriously, she was a perfect little traveller! I think it helped that we took the earliest flight possible. We were on our way at 5:45am. We flew in the smallest plane ever from Norfolk to Houston. Of course that flight ran long and made our connecting flight near impossible to catch, but we did it. Did I mention that we had to trek 2 miles to catch that connecting flight? ARGH! You'd have thought that my Mom and I had ran a marathon by the way we ran up to the gate with 2 minutes to spare. So we made it to Austin, my cute little brother was there waiting. We walked out of the airport into a beautiful sunny day. Remember, we've been sick so the fresh warm air was like heaven. Today it was about 75 degrees. Mighty welcoming coming from our brisk 40 degree days.
We spent our first day enjoying Mark's house, getting settled in, and visiting with each other. I haven't seen my brother since my Grandmother died almost 3 years ago.
Today, we ate a beautiful "pancake in a can" breakfast (note the picture.) Then we headed to downtown Austin. Glynis really enjoyed the Dell Children's Museum, but I think her favorite part of the day was our trendy Tex Mex meal. She loaded up on salsa and Ceviche. We walked the city streets and saw the beautiful majestic Capital Building. Tonight we enjoyed a pasta dinner at home with some of Mark's friends. It's 10pm Texas time, but 11pm according to my body clock. So off to dream land for me.

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Beth E. said...

I'm glad you are having such a good time! Your pics are great! Pancakes in a can sound very interesting. My hubby used to cook pancakes in a popcorn popper when he was in college! It didn't work very well, though. LOL