Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday - Me on the small screen

I'm starting my Not Me post Friday night, in hopes that by Monday I will have finished it. You know that MckMama girl who started all this fun, right? Shoot over to her site if you're interest in reading more Not Me's. Life is so busy, you know. Especially when you've just gotten a brand new laptop! Yeah Me! I can't stop playing with it! I think I had already written about my trouble trying to buy a refurbished laptop from the Dell Outlet online. Dell is a great company and even though there were troubles with my order, they ended up making my trouble worth it with an upgrade. I paid for a Studio 1536 (a Toyota), but now have a XPS 1530 (a Lexus.) Go Dell!

So now to my Not Me's...

I did not totally let my blogging buddies down and forget to tell you all about the airing of the news story that my family participated in. See my original post to refresh your memory.
It actually aired on The 700 Club this past Thursday. I wonder how many of you are actually familiar with The 700 Club. It's a live t.v. show starring christian Pat Robertson who heads up CBN, Christian Broadcasting Network. Dr. Robertson is a great man, although somewhat controversial at times. He is a respected business man, philanthropist and he lives just up the street from me. I mean, his headquarters and home are nearby.

So, even though you missed seeing me on t.v., you can still see the story on the Internet! I'm not able to post the video directly on my site :(
Here's the link - "Getting Through to Generation Text" I think you'll enjoy the content of the story just as well as seeing my cute little self. It's about technology and our kids.

And here's the rest of my Not Me's (pertaining to the news story)

I did not look and sound like a total dweeb when I said "I love technology" in the interview! You would have thought that I was the silly teenager they were interviewing. Except that I look like I'm 40 years old!

I don't ever want to be on t.v. again. It's such a drag having to get in front of that camera and be all famous for a few minutes.

And seeing my teenage son be so handsome and charming doesn't make me the least bit proud. I'm not one of those bragging mothers, otherwise I would be pointing out how cute my other 2 boys were as they sat at the computer.

And I did not almost cry when at the end of the segment, Arlo, Glynis and her Daddy were shown playing on the computer. It's just about the cutest thing I could have imagined.
So go see....Here's the link again :)

Stay tuned to more of me on video...My new computer has a little webcam and I think it'd be kind of fun to experiment with some video posts. What do you think? Leave me a comment.

UPDATE: I found the embedding code so I've post the news story at the bottom of my page. Scroll on down and take a look.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ahh, now I need to see this, it sounds like a cool clip! I do think it would be cool to see more video on blogs, so go ahead, have fun with that webcam!

Tim said...

That is so GREAT! I will for sure check it out tomorrow. Off to bed now. Gotta get up super early.

Love and Prayers,


Tim said...

Oh... posted your button!!