Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing Tag

Today I got tagged! It's a little like playing the child's game, tag. I don't always play along like a good friend, but sometimes these are great. Especially when you're too busy to think up your own post topics.
So, now that I've got this started, I'm suppose to write 6 weird things about myself and then tag a few of my other friends. And who is this person that tagged me?
It's Nikki, that cool chick over at Life As We Know It. I've already read her weird post and I'll have to admit, she's pretty weird. (sorry Nikki, I mean that in the most respectful way.)
So are we ready? I hope that you'll still be my friend once you find out how weird I am.

1. & 2. Inadvertently, I make a couple of very strange sounds with my mouth. First of all, my jaw clicks sometimes. It's kind of annoying when I'm kissing my husband. It doesn't seem to bother him. I guess it's louder in my head and it always makes me giggle. Also, when I eat something especially sweet or juicy, my mouth squeaks. It's almost like a whistling sound. Maybe someday I'll make a video for you to hear for yourselves. Quite strange. Again, it's probably louder in my head than it is to the people around me. I know...weird!

3. When I do slightly strenuous household chores, I make little grunting sounds. My squeaking doesn't seem to bother anyone, but my husband always teases me when I'm, say... cleaning the bath tub, or pulling weeds in the garden. I don't even realize I'm doing it.

4. I like to rearrange my furniture. It really gives me rush. When I'm feeling down, it lifts my spirits.

5. I use to be able to raise one eyebrow and give my children "the look." When I had surgery to remove skin cancer from my forehead 2 years ago, that ability was taken away. Now, only the skin above my eyebrow moves. It's a little weird.

6. I really want to get my nose pierced, but I probably won't do it because people will think I'm weird.

Here's who I've decided to tag. Let's see who'll play along.

Gill @ Me Him & Them

Ali @ Alidotes

Joan @ More God = less me

Cathy @ The Semi-Happy Homemaker

Jen @ Cheaper Than Therapy

Ashley @ Life in our Three Ring Circus


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind coment on my blog. It's awesome to be growing in the Lord on a continual level like this. May He bless you and your family as well! Your sister in Christ, Robin

He And Me + 3 said...

Fun. You are making lots of noises over there. Too funny! Sorry that you can't do "the Look" anymore.

Nikki B. said...

i take pride in being weird...

i have a loud jaw that drives me NUTS when i'm kissing my husband.

i'm totally with ya on the nose pierced thing...i'm afraid to do it...so, i go with tattoos!!

loved reading about you, ya weirdo!! thanks for playing along!!

.Keli. said...

LOL!!! It's ok to be weird! That's what makes us unique! Now, the popping of the jaw makes me nuts! My husband's jaw does the same thing! I had my nose pierced for less than 24 hours...now that's weird! That's all I'm gonna say about that one! haha xo Keli

Beth E. said...

Hmmm...you ARE a little weird! LOL I know, I know...look who's talking! Hehe

Thanks for sharing this info with us...I know you a little better now and like you in spite of it. I'm just kidding ya. You know I love you! :o)


Cathy said...

I don't think it's weird at all to rearrange your furniture! Nose piercing...now THAT is weird! LOL! Thanks for tagging me...now I have to confess to all my weirdness!

Joan said...

Thanks for the tag! You are a just little weird. I'll try to come up with some good weird stuff later in the week. I rearrange my knickknacks all the time. Less strenuous than furniture but my family thinks its weird.

Ali said...

Thanks, gal! I'll play soon and let you know. You are awesome!

Gill said...

Am taking part but just got home from 2 days in hospital :( I'll catch up shortly..thanks for the tag ;) made my day.xx

Ali said...

I finally participated in the Tag! Thanks again.