Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Day In The Life

Well, at least this family gives me plenty to blog about...

It all started a couple months ago. Cole tried out and made it to All-District Chorus. He also tried out for All-State, but was selected as an alternate. Alternates almost never get to actually participate, but... jump to this past Tuesday. The phone rings in the middle of the day. Caller id says it's my kids' high school. I'm thinking, "uh oh, what now?" It was Cole. "Mom, they need me for All-State Chorus! I made it! Can I go? Can we afford it? Can you drive me up there in 2 days? The concert is this Saturday!" The excitement in his voice was loud and clear. So I had about 2 minutes to come up with a "Yes" to all his questions. No problem. It'll be fine. I've got plenty of time to shop for his concert attire and run a couple other errands. The other kids will be fine. It'll all work out.

Jump forward to Thursday, today. All goes smoothly, packing, getting Glynis ready for a day in the mini van, making sure the other 2 kids are out the door for school, etc. We leave the house right on time and we're merrily on our way. THEN...45 minutes into the drive and my cell phone rings. The high school number again on my caller id. "Hi Mrs. T. This is the school nurse. Your son, Carson seems to be fine. I'm sorry I had to call you while you"re driving blah blah blah, Carson's had an episode of some sort, he's looking much better blah blah blah. I think maybe he passed out....blah blah blah....His teacher said she thought he might have had a seizure, but he probably just fainted...." WHAT?! I'm driving 65 mph down the highway and this woman just told me that my son may have had a seizure?! Ok, so she doesn't win the tactfulness prize this year, but I definitely should win a composure award. I kept my cool and didn't run off the road. I asked the nurse a few questions. "Did he hit his head? What class was he in? Oh, health class? What was today's subject matter? Oh, first aid? They were discussing puncture wounds? Ah Ha!" I'm still quite frightened at this point, but I immediately said a prayer. I felt the tears start to well in my eyes. Mom's are suppose to handle these kinds of emergencies, but God reigned in my peace. I called my husband and let him kick into action. He got Carson right over to the doctor who ran blood work, gave him the once over and decided that Carson must have gotten queasy from the subject matter in class. He's passed out once before in a similar situation. Still, a mother's nerves aren't completely calmed until her child is in arms reach after such an incident. Thankfully, traffic was in our favor, Cole made it safely to his destination and Glynis was a superb traveller. We made it back home safely by 4pm. But we all know that the day does not end at 4pm. There's always soccer practice, dinner, baths, homework and of course my blog. :)
It's 10pm. And as you can see, I am still holding it together. Good night!


~Suzanne said...

Those kiddies of your are so considerate! They always give you such a huge amount of blog material! :-) said...

I am so sorry you had to go through this. I am glad it was only fainting as opposed to a seizure!


Cute pix!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness! I'm hoping that was all it was... queasiness from the topic of blood! He can cross off - ER doctor on his list of future jobs ;-)

Seriously, hope he's feeling better today!

Jenny said...

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