Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter on the Web

It's really quite surprising. Try typing Easter in your search engine. You won't easily find tons of websites explaining the real significance. You won't easily find sites that explain why Jesus died and why it is so vital that we accept His gift. You will find plenty of bunnies and eggs, but what about the most important holiday of the year? The time when we celebrate Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Christianity is totally based on this season. Without it, all else crumbles.
Here's a few articles that I found interesting.

I'm feeling compelled to seek some answers to why there are so few Christians. I'll post on my Spontaneous Thought Explosion on April 9th. Hope you join in.


Anonymous said...

Is it not the same way for a search on Christmas? I can't help but think that it is, at least to an extent. I do find it interesting that the holiday with the most significance (Easter) is not the most celebrated.

Beth E. said...

Unbelievable...and quite disturbing, to know that the secular overshadows the true meaning of Easter.

I'm going to check out those links!