Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Reminder

I was getting the kids ready for bed, winding down for the night and then we got a phone call. My father-in-law was just taken to the emergency room with high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythm. He lives 3000 miles away. On the opposite coast. It's such a helpless feeling. A reminder of a call we received just over 3 years ago. My mother-in-law was killed in a car accident. Just like that. No goodbyes, no last hug, no notice. I don't think that this is a life threatening situation tonight, but scary none-the-less. Why is life so painful? Why does it hurt to love? All we can do is pray.

So often, when "situations" arise, my first reaction is to "react." I cry, call someone, scramble around to make arrangements or whatever, it seems like I always need to be reminded to PRAY!!

Over the last several weeks I had gotten into a bit of a funk. Just a general blue feeling. I admit that I did not take it to God. I took it to my husband. I took it to my friends. I spoke with my mother. What is wrong with me? Why on Earth would I wait to seek His help? Well, I finally got over myself and decided to take it to God. And guess what happened as a result? I instantly snapped out of it.
Lucky for you, I recorded the exact moment. It was one early morning, Glynis was still sleeping, I decided to take a walk around my backyard. I grabbed my camera (because I always do that ) and just started taking pictures. I recorded the sounds of the birds and bugs. I saw God's most simple and evident beauty right in my own yard. A few reminders of just how much He loves us. It calmed my spirit and I was able to really talk to Him and feel his presence. So here's that walk I took. For dramatic effect, I recorded a song w/ my son and made a short video. (disclaimer: I am not a recording artist, nor did we practice more than a couple of times, so if the song really pierces your ears, then feel free to turn off the volume and just watch)

I'll keep you updated about my father-in-law. Thanks for praying for him. Blessings!


Ali said...

Love & Prayers. Thanks for sharing.

Queen Gwennie said...

Oh Leah, there is so much my heart desire to say to you but you found the answer! Since Gabby, I have found a new love for the creation of the Creator. "For ye shall go out with JOY and be led forth with PEACE the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isa 55:11. I have so many pictures of my yard! Now I have an official veggie garden! I upload pics to Walgreen.com each year and make blank cards and post cards and give them to friends and others as gifts.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Im saying a prayer!

Rissa said...

Hey there!

Sorry I didn't attend TOOT your Horn TUESDAY.. I happened to end up picking the late shift for tuesday so i had posted my post for that day the day before.. That way I wouldnt be tied up on the computer while I try to get some housework done.. But hey thanks for stopping by my blog & saying HEY.. Thanks for the Well wihes on my piano lessons..Maybe I'll have some praise To shout out next tuesday!!!
Hope your having a great week!
God Bless!

Sue said...

I totally understand what you mean. I often have to remind myself to stop running to humans instead of my Daddy! I'm glad you found His peace!

I'm so sorry about your MIL (3 yrs ago) and I do hope and pray your FIL is doing better!