Monday, June 8, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - Husbandless

It's time to brag again...

My husband left yesterday for some training in another state. Oh how I miss him!! Tomorrow is my Grandfather's funeral and guess where everyone is gathering afterwards? You got it, my house! And let me tell you, my house was not ready for a gathering.
But as of tonight 11:36pm, EVERYTHING IS READY! I must give some credit to my children too. They've been so helpful. Even though Carson woke up feeling sick and Chandler woke up with a mysterious rash on his torso. All is well with them now.

I opted to order platters of sandwiches. I'm sure glad that I had nothing to cook. Veggies, fruit, potato salad, crackers and dip. Sounds good to me! I'm grateful for Costco which is just down the street.

I'd also like to mention that I will be speaking at the funeral. This will be a first for me. I'm normally very uncomfortable speaking in front of a group, so pray that God will steady my knocking knees and get me through it quickly.

That's all I have time for tonight. Must get sleep!!! Go ahead and sign Mister Linky if you've written a TYHT post. Click here to see the original post w/ rules. And toot away in the comment section too. Can't wait to hear from all of you.


Amanda said...

I am so proud of you!! Way to go in getting ready and being a speaker... that is something you will NOT regret!

I was wondering how you were doing... glad to know you are ok.


Deidra said...

Speaking in public goes best when you're well acquainted with your topic. =) I'm sure you'll be fine!

Alicia said...

Oh, Leah..praying for you!!!!

A Lady's Life said...

I couldn't speak at my Dads funeral
It was too upsetting for me.
I was not happy he died and did not take it too well.
Today I can talk about it but then....
I didn't have time to even say goodbye.

Blessed 2 Serve said...

Hang in there, Leah! God will bring you through this too. He is soooo amazingly faithful!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you as your get the courage to speak at the funeral. (((Hugs)))

Aviva said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. You'll do great tomorrow, though, and I know he'll be proud of you. My thoughts are with you.