Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - Back to my old self

Hi All! It's time again to step into the limelight. I hope you'll step in with me!
Today, I'm gleaming, because after 2 years of failed attempts, I have finally reached my weight loss goal. Yes, I've shed 10 pounds!! I hadn't felt comfortable in my body since Glynis was born. (Mostly because I refused to buy a new wardrobe to fit my larger self and my clothes were restricting my breathing.) Now I can breath freely again. =) I really must tell you how I did it too.

I cut all sugar and carbs! I only ate lean meat, vegetables, nuts and low fat cheeses. I ate whenever I was hungry. I must have been pretty determined too, because I have a huge sweet tooth. It's not unlike me to sit and eat 10 chocolate chip cookies in one sitting. So, they call this the South Beach diet in case you're interested. It works in phases and the first two weeks are very restrictive. Slowly you can add more variety, but the idea of the restrictive phase is to curb your cravings. I believe that is the main key! After a week, I had no problem resisting those M & M's! I'd like to add, that my exercise regimen only consisted of several walks a week and a few quick exercises in the living room. Not to mention chasing a toddler around tirelessly!

Also, here's a picture of our family from last night. (I was happy to pose!!)

We had some very special visitors. Two lovely couples, all the way from California. They are parents of some of Chris' best friends. They've been vacationing here in the area. It always means so much to Chris when someone from home comes to visit.

Ok now it's your turn. Write a "toot" about yourself on your blog, add the Toot Your Horn Tuesday button from my sidebar to your post then come back to sign Mister Linky. Leave some "chirps" below too. Then be prepared for our AWE. Whether it's a large feat or a small accomplishment, we'll be there to support you!!


It Feels Like Chaos said...

You look great! Good for you!

Julie From Inmates said...

This is my first visit to Silly Sparrow. Your have a beautiful family and I LOVE your blog design! Thanks for commenting over at Inmates =)

Cathy said...

Good job! I still have SEVERAL pounds to go! Not sure I can cut out all carbs....maybe I can cut back? You look great!

Anonymous said...

YAY for you!!

Blessed2Serve said...

Wow! Way to go!!

Joan said...

How wonderful! I'm so excited for you. I'm still working on the last chunk but I've renewed my commitment once again.


Mrs.X said...

You look great!!! Keep up the good work. I know I am a day late but better late than never :o)

Joan said...


Just to let you know that today is the last day to enter all three of my giveaways.

Go to http://moregodlessme.blogspot.com/2009/07/last-chance-to-enter.html


Trench Mommy said...

Great post! I will be back to join the Tuesday fun!

Lori said...

Congrats!! I wanted to say, that is how I did it. Cut sugar and carbs. I did not even have birthday cake when it rolled around. You look great.

It is nice to meet you via BlogFrog Community leaders.

Tara said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm doing The Shred with the rest of the world and really not "dieting." It's taking a while for the weight to come off but I'm feeling better.

Coming over from the Blog Frog...another leader. I have seen your picture often and now realize we have quite a few of the same "friends." Come visit anytime!