Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - The Barefoot Gardener

Anyone care to play along this week? It's Toot Your Horn Tuesday and I'm quite excited to declare that my landscaping project is well underway!

Let me start by explaining that the flower beds in front of my house were over 50 years old. The old plants and bushes had seen better days! So with some help, I've removed bushes, pulled weeds, laid landscaping timbers and tomorrow the top soil is being delivered! I'm almost giddy! I'm hoping that by next week I can share pictures of my newly planted beds! :)
For today, here's a few pictures of one of my helpers, The Barefoot Gardener

And one more of my helpers... Mr. Stump Grinder. What a magnificent machine. He ate up the dangerous holly bush that I have loathed for over 10 years!
If you've gotten a big (or small) project started or completed then now's your chance to brag a little. Write a post for your blog or just leave a comment and tell us all about it!


He & Me + 3 said...

I was so giddy when my landscaping was finished too. Wow what a difference. cute barefooted gardner you have there. Love those curls.

Mrs.X said...

What a cute helper you have :o) I can't wait to see pics of the finished project!!


Anonymous said...

Eek! Gardening!