Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - Quality vs. quantity

Being a stay at home mom can be a thankless job at times. We may slave away in the kitchen to cook a splendid meal, but we don't get a paycheck. We may spend hours cleaning up the house, but it's only going to get wrecked again. And we may stay up late helping our child finish a school project, but we don't receive an "A."

Here's where Toot Your Horn Tuesday comes to the rescue. We all know how important being a mom is, but isn't it nice to get some recognition?!

I'm still working on my flower beds and they are coming along nicely, but I'm most happy about the time I've been able to devote to my kids this past week. I've been trying to make it more of a priority. With 4 of them it's quite hard to focus on just one at the time.

The boys are difficult to pin down. All 3 of them are involved in various activities and homework. The oldest has a job now too. I have found that the best quality time with them is in the car. They have no choice, but to listen to me ramble. Occasionaly they'll say something too. :)

My 2 year old daughter, naturally, requires a lot of attention. I can't take my eyes off of her, but very often I find myself sticking her in front of the t.v. so that I can get some chores done. I'm determined to do better!! The housework can wait. And being that my oldest is already a senior, I should realize how quickly these days pass.

I found a way to get the whole family together, even if it was only for 30 minutes. I baked some sugar cookies earlier in the day and then once everyone was home we decorated them. We ended up with some pretty ugly cookies, but some pretty wonderful memories.

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Joan said...

What a good idea. Looked like fun.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I love decorating cookies and it looks like so did everyone!!! ;) Great collage. Love it!

Mrs.X said...

My boys and I have some of our best conversations in the car. Looks like you had a good time decorating the cookies too :o)

Lindsay said...

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - awesome!