Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Apparently I'm doing the right thing!!
I've taken my daughter to Chick-fil-a several times recently so that we could eat and she could play on the play equipment. She now calls it the "Eat & Play." It's a great place to let your preschooler release some energy when the weather is cruddy, right? Everything goes smoothly for the most part. We share a kids meal, then she pops off her shoes and runs over to play. She interacts wonderfully with the other kids. She plays, she laughs. It's just great seeing her happy.
THEN...it's time to leave. I give her a little notice, let her get her few last runs around the place and then start calling her to get her shoes. The fun begins. First I have to catch her, then I have to hold down my screaming child while I try to get her shoes back on and possibly even try to get on her coat. The battle gets too intense, so I just forget the clothes and get her out of the building as quickly as possible. The whole while, my face is turning red with embarrassment. I'm sure that every person in the place is staring at us. I try not to make contact with any of them. It's a stressful scene to say the least!

But something different happened on our last visit. She threw her typical tantrum, yes, and I had to carry her screaming out of the building. I got in the car, turned on the radio to drown her out and there was a child expert on K-love. A parent was telling a story about how she had just taken her son to Chick-fil-a and was having the same experience as me. I had to laugh out loud. It was almost as if that expert had come on the radio and said "Leah, you're ok! You're handling your child just right. You're a good Mommy!"

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Katie@Yoga Gal said...

Oh ho, we have been there! Its just a stage, as you know. She will be out of it before you know it. But its not fun while it is going on! Thanks for hosting the Party this week! :)

brandy said...

I loved that story. Thanks for sharing it, so "refreshing" to hear!

Thanks also for hosting the linky party!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Thanks for hosting another fun linky party!

Blessings, Grace

Patricia said...

lol! even the radio is telling you that you are not alone!!! too funny and a great reminder!

Karla Doodlebug said...

Great Story! Thanks for hosting Toot your Horn Tuesdays! This is so much fun

Nikki@kreativeknack.com said...

Thanks for being such a great host!

Jackie said...

I remember my girlfriend having to leave the pool with her 3 year old kind of tucked under her arm like a football. She would just smile and wave and say, "Bye everyone!" with a big grin. She knew he needed a nap badly, and she just handled it so well. I always think back on that when my children threw tantrums... (especially now with my youngest). I remind myself that just about every kid melts down at some point... plus her son turned out just fine! LOL!

Leanne said...

Thanks for hosting and thanks for sharing your great story. I think we've all been through it and wished we hadn't.

christy rose said...

Awww! Isn't that just like God to confirm the Truth to us! You did good mom! :)

Petite Little Bee said...

Great story!!! Thanks so much for hosting Tout Your Horn Tuesday. Love your blog.

Debbie said...

I have to laugh, because when my oldest son was a toddler, it was the McDonalds play land he would do the same thing!~ It happens all the time, and I never use to sweat the tantrums, as you did I scooped him and put him in the car and really tried my best to ignore it. After a while he got it!!~