Thursday, March 25, 2010

You learn something new every day

...In this case, my daughter now understands the purpose of a puke bucket!

The busiest week of our year and my daughter gets sick!! Ugh! 2 of my boys are performing in a musical at school. Beauty & The Beast! They've been rehearsing for months and this is the week. The first performance was yesterday, but I had to miss it. (there are 4 more shows for me to see luckily. and I'll be sure to post some pictures later)

On the up side, after several failed attempts and many loads of laundry,
Glynis has finally perfected her aim into the bucket!


Beth E. said...

Awww....poor little Glynis. I hope she's feeling better today!

Hugs for you, too...illness is never convenient, is it?!

Calamity Anne said...

I love the writing on the bucket...too funny! Plus the look on Glynis' face is priceless...not a happy camper!

christy rose said...

Awww! Poor thing! what a bummer that you had to miss the musical. Hopefully there is more than one performance. My daughter was just in a theater performance at her school too. I can not imagine if I would have had to miss it. I would have been so sad. I hope she is feeling better now so that she does not have to use her perfected aim any longer. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Poor angel. She looks so unhappy.
Unhappy little tummies always break your heart.
I hope she is feeling better now.
Sometimes you need to get the icky things out so you can feel better.

Southern Fried Gal said...

Awwww - poor baby. Hope she feels better quickly. Glad you get to catch other showings.

Send me a picture of how you dress up your door! Have a blessed weekend!