Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - Christmas

I'm tooting about all the things I "haven't" done! I'm tooting because I'm stress free!
I've had the most wonderful few weeks leading up to Christmas. I have managed to put all the chaos of baking, shopping, card writing and such aside. It's just not necessary! Don't get me wrong though, I've definitely done my share of cooking and shopping, but I decided to make it simple. The food still taste good and my children will be getting a nice array of presents. We even hosted a beautiful party at my house.
I have learned that it doesn't all have to be perfect to be "perfect!"
And how about this jolly fellow? I've got a question for you...
I have allowed my children to believe in Santa Claus for the first half of their childhood. Does this make me a liar? Does God look down on the parents who buy presents for their children and place a tag on the gift that says "From Santa Claus?"
I got into a friendly debate this past week with a good friend of mine. She feels very strongly against Christians allowing Santa into their Christmas celebration. I understand her feelings, but I feel that it is a harmless fantasy which creates excitement and creativity in a child's mind. I believe Christ followers can find a balance that allows for all the "magic" of Christmas. What is your opinion? Look at these next two pictures. Glynis has distorted the story of Jesus' birth just a bit. She wants to be Mary. She insists that Jesus is a girl and that Daddy play Joseph! Talk about magical!!
Hope you all have a blessed, stress free, love-filled, Christmas!

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Whimsical Creations said...

Stress free is the way to go!!

I let my children believe in Santa.

Safe and Healthy Solutions said...

Just came across your blog....linked up.

We don't have our children believe in Santa, but that is only because Santa wasn't a big part of either my husband or my Christmas' growing up! We still take them to get pictures with Santa and still read all of the fun stories and watch the movies and get excited when we see him somewhere though. My 5 year old just says that it is a fun story

Lori said...

Thanks for hosting. I enjoyed your post :)

Rebekah Greiman said...

Santa? What's that? Us kids didn't believe in Santa when we were little. I don't know why. I just think we figured it out, early on. Much to the chagrin of my Grandpa. He still asks me every year what Santa should bring me. I just tell him, 'Whatever Santa has left over, Grandpa. I don't need a thing but love from my family.' He never believes me though....

Van said...

For as long as I can remember I could never believe there was such thing as "Santa". It was too far-fetched to be belivable! Not to mention, my parents were not convincing. They're condecending tone gave them away. They tried, but when they said things like, "See, told you she would say that." when I opened gifts, made it allt he more obvious :)

I do not begrudge their sincere efforts though.

Have a happy holiday!

Autumn said...

Santa is all in good fun. We always had fun with the idea of Santa when we were little but knew that Christmas was to celebrate Jesus' birth. We are passing along that same idea to our children.

Between3Sisters.com said...

Love the kids in blankets...just too cute. Hope you and your family have a Happy Holiday Season!

The Path Traveled said...

I had my own Christmas Miracle to share today! I am very blessed! I have to toot my horn loud today!

Laura @ Ms Smartie Pants said...

We always did the Santa thing when my kids were young. However I think some families get too carried away to the point that they have to explain everything and then they end up really telling one lie after another. My 2nd son was devastated when he learned the truth about Santa and that changed how he was represented in our house for future children. My advice... you know your children better than anyone and you know what they can handle and how you can best teach them about Santa and the birth of Jesus. Do what works for you! I think your suggestion of balance is certainly the key!

taradara made it said...

thank you for having this link party, being so close to Christmas and all! You rock!

Theresa said...

We allow our children to believe in the magic of Santa...we have but one rule {for our oldest}. Believe {or not} as you may, but you do not have the right to take the magic away from others. We also have an Elf on the Shelf to add to the magic!
Again, thanks for the opportunity to link up!
Merry Christmas!

taradara made it said...

Thanks so much for having the linky party! Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

Merry Christmas. i had a nice visit to your blog. God bless!

Christy said...

I love your living simple approach to Christmas. I know that Santa is so controversial among believers. We place the focus of Christmas on the birth of Christ. For all of the cultural traditions we celebrate we talk about the way that tradition unifies our family, celebrates the birth of Christ or how Santa for example embodied the characteristics of Christ ie: charity for others.
Love your blog!

Lilywinkel said...

Merry Christmas! Thank you for teaching about God's good gifts.

Shawnee H said...

My first time linking!

Andi @ Potential Treasures said...

First time linking!

Krafty Kat said...

I still believe in Santa!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I too learned that it doesn't have to be perfect. Who an I kidding it never is perfect anyway. The kids still had fun and I survived.

Billie Poteet said...

Hello! I am your newest follower!

Billie Jean

Sheri@childmade.com said...

Thanks for hosting! I always like to drop in and see what's happening.

Debbie said...

I just found your party - thanks for hosting. I'm linking up and also going to start following you. We always told our kids that Santa was a "fun" part of Christmas. Being a "Preacher's Daughter" my parents never did the Santa thing, but they would take us to see him (as we did our kids). I mean, come on... EVERYONE has to have a picture with Santa don't they??!?!!?? If you check out my blog you'll see that I LOVE Santa - I have them all over my house! LOL

raven said...


What a cute blog. Stress free holiday is the only way to be! When you have time I hope you get to check out this award for you.


Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

So what about the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny???? I grew up knowing that Jesus was the reason for the season and why, but still was allowed to believe in all the mythical pieces of childhood...you know.....prince charming.....princesses...that Mickey Mouse is real.....I am still a believer in my faith as an adult...none of the beliefs of childhood got in the way of that.....but you have to decide that for your own children........ Happy Holidays and a Healthy and happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I think Santa is an innocent, fun things for kids to enjoy. My kids believe, and still know the true meaning of Christmas. There is a balance.

Sara said...

Thanks for hosting. I'm a new follower.


bj said...

Hi..are you still doing Toot Your Horn Tues. ?
If so, I will add your link to a post coming up at 5.

bj said...

I am linked with your meme but not sure when you post. I'll try to come back in the morning.

bj said...


Thank you

Kristina said...

I'm a new follower from the blog hop! I can't wait to read more of your posts.