Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Sampling from the all new IMac

Still neglecting my blog, but still for good reasons! My new photography business is doing pretty well. Probably spending much more time on it then it's actually worth, but I have made a few dollars and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Best thing to happen recently is that I switched over to Mac! Here's 2 of my first edits using this beautiful machine! In fact, this is the first time really using the computer at all! I absolutely LOVE it! Still entirely too much to learn so I'm planning on sleeping less these next few weeks. ....already breaking a New Year's Resolution!! I plan on doing a Toot Your Horn Tuesday next week!! So Link Up!! I'd also like to resume my participation in I Heart Faces. Have you heard of that?! Please check it out when you have time. It's lots of fun!

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