Friday, July 18, 2008

Lesson for my 10 year old and me

Up early this morning. It's 7am, must get the flower bed weeded before the sun blisters overhead. Yes, it's summer, and the boys feel entitled to sleep in. "I got some news for you!!!" So anyway, my 13 year old, Carson, gets right up and gets to work. They were told that breakfast would come after we get done. To make a long story short, my youngest son, Chandler, works slowly or hardly works at all and finally starts complaining about not being fed yet. Whining that he would work no more without breakfast. This kid is 10! It's time he stopped acting like he's 4. What would you do?
I left him there and went on with my business. At some point he disappeared and we later found him back in bed. Still no breakfast. Carson and I finished up our work leaving Chandler's work undone. I went to his room and instructed that there would be no food until his chores were done. Of course he scowled at me, so I had to bring up the starving children in Africa. I hate doing that. Why can't kids in the U.S. be grateful!?
Ok, so Carson and I got cleaned up and started breakfast with Glynis the baby. It worked! Something clicked and Chandler's attitude changed. I'm so glad I didn't give in to him. He went out, did his work, came in and fixed his breakfast. He even smiled apologetically and helped me with the baby.
I suppose part of Chandler's problem is my fault. He was our baby for 10 years and I treated him as such.
So, if you're parenting today, keep that in mind. It's hard to break a 10 year old of those baby ways. Start earlier than I did!!

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Karen said...

Thanks for your comments. I have an 11 year old that I am struggling to find ways to motivate this summer. He wants to sleep in, play computer, read his books, and then show up for meals. All requests for help are met with sighs and reluctance. He is at camp this week-what a relief! When he comes home I am teaching him how to do his laundry and assigning this as his job. Then it is up to him to fold, put away and such--and I won't have to ask, ask, ask for help. Yes, he is my baby, now replaced by my 14 month old, and I'm thinking this has something to do with it.