Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Letting my heart lead

Like I said, we're keeping the orange kitten. His new name is Arlo. Chris and I brought him home yesterday, but first we had to go to the pet store. He has new toys, litter box and food and boy, is he happy. You've never heard a purr like this one.

The boys are ecstatic. Chandler couldn't stop jumping up and down when he got home from school. It's another great memory making moment. Even Glynis, who won't be allowed to touch Arlo, is having a blast watching through a gate as he spins in circles playing with his toys.

5:30am and reality has already set in. I know that I let my heart make this decision instead of my common sense. A toddler and a kitten?! Baby Arlo's continuous little meows and also Glynis' "mamamamama" is what woke me up just before my alarm rang. Who do I go to first? They both need me! ARGH! Arlo's in the bathroom and probably just lonely. Of course, I go to Glynis first. Change her diaper, cut on Seasame Street and that gives me just enough time to get the kitten and bring him into his make-shift cage in the living room.

Back to Glynis... for the few minutes that I left her to her S.S. show, without my knowledge, she has gotten hold of my keys. I thought I heard a faint beeping.... It's my car alarm. So now, the whole neighborhood is awake!! :)

Look at the time... got to get Chandler out of bed.
My life = 4 kids, one dog, one bird, one lizard, 11 fish, 2 toads, and a cute, adorable, cuddly, soft, orange kitten. Lucky Me!

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Suzanne said...

Oooooooooooooooh girlfriend.... what WERE you thinking???? LOL!!

Glynis is adorable! When do we get to watch her again??

:-) Suzanne