Monday, September 8, 2008

More animal rescues

It's squirrels and kittens this time!!

Tropical Storm Hannah came through on Saturday. Not a big event really, at least on my street. Just a few limbs down. I was standing on the front porch when a baby squirrel was blown from the big pine tree in my yard. The coolest thing happened. I watched as the momma squirrel came running down the tree and grabbed the baby in it's mouth and scampered back up. It was a beautiful sight. The lucky thing was, that just a bit later, I looked out my front door and another baby was in the middle of my yard shivering. Momma squirrel was nowhere to be found. We waited and waited. With a towel, I moved the baby closer to the tree and we waited some more. I read on the Internet that if the momma doesn't come for its baby fairly soon then they may never come. So we scooped up the baby, placed it in a shoe box and took it over to our friend Chris. Chris has rehabilitated many baby squirrels and even released a few in my mother's back yard. They are so fun to watch.

And then there's the kittens....5 kittens born under my mother's barn in her backyard. Approximately 5-6 weeks old. Who doesn't love a kitten?! The last several days we have been trying to trap them. We have 2 already hanging out in the bathroom. We're hoping to get them all, including the momma who is very young herself. Anyone want a kitten?!

It looks like the orange one is ours. He's playful and cuddly. Chris, the squirrel lady, is also keeping one because her teenage daughter begged long enough. I'm hoping that my mother will keep the momma kitty and maybe a kitten also. The rest will probably end up at the SPCA.

Email me if you're interested in adopting one. :)

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