Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Daze

Oh yes! School started today. Here's how I prepared... First off, I made sure that everyone was in bed by 9:30-10 last night. Then I got to work! I had to make sure the house was cleaned and ready to be destroyed by the rush of 3 boys and a man all trying to leave the house around the same time. I set up the coffee maker for hubby, straightened up the cereal boxes on the shelf so they'd be easily accessed, made sure that all the cereal bowls were clean and ready to go, checked for clean towels, made sure everyone's clocks were set in intervals so that there wouldn't be a traffic jam in the hall, and lastly I colored my roots and watched some t.v. all by myself! Around 11:30 I was asking myself the obvious question, "Why am I staying up so late, when I have to get up so early?" I answered myself with another obvious question, "When do I ever have this kind of solitude?!" Duh!
Well, I'm paying for it tonight. The morning went smoothly. Everyone reached their destinations on time, looking snappy in their new back to school sneakers. I totally enjoyed the day spent with my daughter, playing, doing a few light chores, a little shopping. When the troops started filing back in the door this afternoon, we filled out back to school forms, talked about their day, passed out snacks and headed to the soccer field.....As the other parents screamed and cheered all around me at the scrimmage, I almost nodded off. Oops, I forgot dinner. McDonald's dollar menu it is! Now, 9:15pm. I'm Done!!! Must Sleep!! Night Night!!!

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