Friday, October 24, 2008

I really need to post, but I can't post today, oh wait, that's what I'm doing...

Hi Everyone,
I feel terrible for not writing the last few days, but time has slipped away from me this week. I get on the computer every day and I've had time to check out some other blogs and my emails, but my brain has been too busy to write.
I just got home from the hospital where my Step-Dad had an angiogram this morning. That's the procedure where they stick a little camera up into your arteries and see if they are clear. And his of course, are not clear. He'll be looking to have a stint or regular surgery in the next week or so. We're talking carotid artery by the way. Lucky for us he has not had a stroke and this was caught in time. I'm so grateful to God for that.
Please pray for Tom! He is worried about his health, but even more so he has been struggling with some of life's hardest hits. He is in his early 70's and by the time you reach his age, you've seen a lot. Most recently, his son (my younger step-brother, Travis) passed away suddenly last December. It is still horribly painful for us all. He left behind a young daughter. And this is not the first child that Tom has lost. About 20 years ago, Tom's oldest son, Tony, passed away from ALS. Can you imagine the feeling of losing a child and then another?
I can't bear to even imagine it.
Anyway, that's it for my post. I suppose it's more of a prayer request and a reminder to go home and hug your children. Love your parents, kiss your husband and thank God for your life.
Hope you all have a blessed weekend.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Man, I missed alot while I was gone as well. I will be praying for your family for sure. I am also liking the new site...looks pretty snazzy!

Anonymous said...

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