Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Super Designer Blog

I can't believe it's actually here! Lindsey is my hero. She's the cool chick that gave me a blog that totally says "ME." I just stumbled across her site one day and looked in awe at her reasonably priced and very beautiful web designs. And then some weeks later I stumbled across another site that was sponsoring a blog design give-away that just so happen to be Lindsey again by way of one of her clients! I told you it was fate...

With my mother's help, I came up with this theme from Psalm 84. Being a mommy and a servant of God, I can truly relate to this sweet, meek little bird nesting and raising her young near at God's altar.

After deciding on a theme I looked through thousands of pictures on http://www.istockphoto.com/. Weeded through them and finally picked the cute little bird that you see here. Learning much along the way. I so wish I had Lindsey's talent.
Lindsey did all the planning, vector image editing, and technical gob-el-d-gook (made up word.)
On the left side of my site you can find a link to her web page. Please check her out sometime. She's not only a web designer, but she and her husband are missionaries in Panama. (And they eat iguana in Panama, ewww.)

Now I must do my part and at least write some interesting posts now and then.
Please keep coming back. I love hearing from friends old and new. And you should think about starting a blog of your own. It's fun! And shamefully I feel a little pride knowing that someone actually gives a bird poop about what I have to say. Please forgive me for being a goofy little sparrow.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog -- I check it every day through an RSS feed, so today I had to click through so I could see your new design and I LOVE it! I also love and miss you very much!!! Keep up the great blog -- reading it has been such a wonderful way for me to know what is going on with you and the family. Love you, Dee

Joan@More God=less me said...

Love the design. It's very fitting for your verse. I'm happy for you, really. Enjoy! I'm ready you daily. Keep up the good work.

God Bless

Miranda said...

Wow! I love your design! I also have a blog designed by Lindsey and love it! She's great to work with. I just had to check out who won the blog design from the blonde review site :)

I will definitely be stopping by again. Can't wait to see your future blog posts!