Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 Kitten and a Baby (Continued)

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As Glynis and Arlo became better friends, they shared everything! Glynis shared her baby things.

And Arlo showed Glynis his "box."

They had the same interests of course. Some of their favorite things to do together were watching cars go by and hiding things around the house. Momma would find toys in the funniest places.
The highlight of the day was always the same....Sesame Street!
And most certainly, all this fun would wear them out.

To Be Continued Again...


Joan said...


Ali said...

I LOVE that name, Glynis - so sweet. Lovin' the blog!

Crystal said...

She is such a cutie pie : ) I am loving your blog and having mine done by Lindsey as well. Blessings to you today~

Crystal said...

Hey just noticed we have the same play "doorway/ house" in the photo next to the TV. My "babies" love that thing : )