Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where have I been?

I went a whole week without posting! That's odd. I can barely even remember what I've been doing this past 7 or 8 days. Maybe I hit my head and I'm having amnesia. No, I don't think so. What it boils down to, I suppose, is that I've just been busy. If I think real hard, I can remember something about an appointment, a sick kid, stocking the pantry and refrigerator, cooking a few meals, carting kids to their activities. I think I may have even done a few loads of laundry. Oh wait....I remember that at some point, I sat down and actually watched a few television programs! Wow, it's coming back to me. I went to bed at a normal hour several nights in a row.
My gain is your loss though. I'll get back in the saddle and write tomorrow! See you then!
By the way, here's a pic of the kids on Halloween. If you look real hard you'll see 4 children.


He & Me + 3 said...

Cute pics of the kids. They camo really works, I could hardly see the baby. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope to see you around some more.
Good for you taking a break.. I wish I could, but this darn OCD keeps me blogging. I also have to comment on all my followers blogs. Insane. Today is going to be busy while the little guy sleeps.

Annie said...

Aww, thanks! :) Your kids look so cute all matchy! And, I did have to look real hard! LOL If only camo worked on the butt & hips! :D

Robin said...

I understand about the not posting. I do that to from time to time, I think we all do. I have been posting allot on my "blessings and struggles of single moms" blog. Would love you to stop by and be blessed and encourage, and of course leave a comment :) God Bless! robin