Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby on a plane

Looking for tips here...I'm planning a trip to Texas to see my little brother. My daughter, 1 and a half year old Glynis, will be travelling with me, as will my mother. Here's the question...I have the option of buying the baby a ticket or not. She's under 2 so I can save myself a few hundred dollars if she rides in my lap. Then there's the car seat situation. It'd be nice to bring it with us and they'll probably charge something if I check one in.
I haven't flown with a toddler in many years, but I flew with the boys quite a bit when they were little. I don't remember so well these days. I'm looking for answers again! Please add your little chirp below.


He And Me + 3 said...

I used to work for a child safety seat non-profit organization, and they (we) would suggest that you buy her a seat and strap her in her carseat like she was riding in the car, because she will be safer that way...should you hit some rough turbulance. You will also have her carseat for the ride in either the rental car, taxi, or the car that is picking you up. Just what I learned and what is suggested. That is my chirp. LOL

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

We were on a 3 hour flight with our 16 month old daughter in December. We opted to have her as a lap child and would do it again. Chances are your flight won't be full and will have an empty seat next to your for babe to play in. Just remember to bring some toys in your carry on and buy a few snacks before you board.

Joan said...

I think it depends on the Airline. I would check that out first. I think it's based on age and it varies. They may make you buy a seat and use a car seat. You can check the car seat with your baggage if you don't use it on the plane. I've even seen them stash the stroller for some families up front so you can keep the stroller to exit the plane and get about the airport.

When mine were little a pacifier, sippy cup or bottle helps with the ear popping. Use during lift off and landing.
Hope all goes well!