Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday - Summer has begun

It's summer time and I'm raring to have some fun. The kids and I are going swimming again today. And with 4 kids around the house all day, I've got to be on my toes. I do not want them sitting in front of the tv all summer. Many activities planned. By the way, did you see this website? Participating AMF bowling alleys around the country are offering free bowling for kids. We signed up and have already gone 2 times. Check it out!

Since I'm so busy, I've got another short Not Me List. MckMama, the host of this carnival, is still dealing with a sick baby. Not sure whether she will be playing along today or not, but either way, go check on her blog to get an update on Stellan. He was just in the hospital again this past week.

Here goes:
I did not start yet another diet this past week. You've all watched me, you know how I've failed miserably trying to get this excess 10lbs. off. But come back tomorrow and I'll go into more details about that.

The other day while I was preparing to marinate some steaks, I did not put them in a container and then proceed to shake that container without securing the lid properly. Can you picture that? There are no pictures, because this time the mess was all over ME and I only take pictures of other's messes.

I did not slack off on the potty training the last couple of days. Glynis has actually made more progress so why would I slack off?! She's urinated in the toilet 2 times now!! That's a start I figure.

I did not add more advertisements to my blog. This blog is for your enjoyment and profiting from that on my part, would be so self-serving, wouldn't it? Did you notice that I have 4 children of various ages and that I'm a stay at home mom? That we're a one income family? That next year my oldest son will be graduating high school and entering college? That my youngest isn't even 2 yet and I have many many more years of child rearing ahead of me? Did you notice that I'm going to be 40 this summer which makes me OLD? And can't we all use a little extra cash?! I promise it won't be spent on Starbucks or massages!

So there you go. I'm so happy that you're here today for a visit! Make sure you visit again tomorrow when we share life's joyful moments and give ourselves a little credit. Tomorrow is Toot Your Horn Tuesday and I'm hoping you'll all play along. Click here for rules.

Double Triple Blessings to you today!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

The steak marinating incident sounds awful!
Today was supposed to be the start of potty training boot camp...I'm NOT completely slacking off. It's hard to train a kid with chronic diarrhea!

Following Him said...

I have SO been there with the marinating incident. It is oh so much fun to clean up...right?

shelley. said...

I can so picture your marinade mishap. So funny when it DIDN'T happen to someone else.

My "not" for the week was throwing my camera in the bathtub! I had to laugh. What else?