Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday - Less of me

My biggest news of the week is that I am about 4 pounds lighter than I was last week!! The bad news is that I believe most of that weight has come off my already small upper "portion" as opposed to my overly large lower "portion." I realize that one week isn't much of an accomplishment and that 4 pounds can shift right back into place if I don't make more of a lifestyle change. But it sure does feel like a good start!
My husband and I decided to try the South Beach diet. Didn't buy a book, just got some info off the Internet and went with it. We are eating lean meat, lots of veggies and practically no carbs or sugar. Sounds rough, but the idea is to train ourselves to resist those sugar and carb cravings.
I'm also walking most every day and doing some simple exercises. It has helped tremendously that my husband and I are being supportive of each other and not critical. We're in this together. Did you hear that we are going to Hawaii this summer?! The countdown begins today. 40 days to go. I'd be sooooo happy if I could look like this again....

Dream on!! =)

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Vaivata said...

Egh! Dieting can be so tough. But one week is a great accomplishment, and four pounds in one week is fantastic! Good luck, sugar, you are doing great! :-D

(By the by, this is SUCH a beautiful website!)

Alicia said...

Great job, my friend! I know you can reach your goal!!!

I've done the Atkins before, and I did lose weight fast!

Can't wait to hear all your progress!!!

Deidra said...

Hawaii is such a beautiful place. You will have a blast no matter what!

A.Marie said...

Hi! I was over at Ace's blog and came to visit! Great blog, by the way....and even though dieting is hard work, the end result is worth it! :)

Mrs.X said...

Good job on loosing 4 lbs in one week!!! That is Great! I wish I was going to Hawaii :o)

Blessed2Serve said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Hope you enjoy being in my part of the world. ;-)

With Aloha,

He And Me + 3 said...


That is awesome. I would be happy to be down 4 ounces. LOL
you look super in that picture. I am sure you can do it. Keep it up.

Amanda Jo said...

Keep up the good work!!!!

(...i have something for you on my blog...)

Charity said...

Hawaii sounds wonderful, I have always wanted to go but my husband couldn't be any less interested...